Naomi Works WWE Live Event, Who Is Big E Langston?, Wade Barrett's Return Gimmick

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- Naomi worked a WWE Smackdown live event match against Natalya last Saturday night in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Kaitlyn was scheduled for the bout but didn't make it due to travel issues. Naomi of course is involved in a non-wrestling role on WWE television as one of Brodus Clay's dancers (with Cameron).

- Big E Langston was on the road with the Raw crew this weekend, going over Tensai and Jack Swagger in different bouts. Langston is a 5'11 296 lbs WWE developmental talent from Tampa, Florida. You can view his developmental profile at this link.

- Wade Barrett's return gimmick will highlight his past as a bare knuckle boxer as he portrayed it in street fights over the weekend on Raw live events.

  • Matt

    That big e guy is HUGE. Him and ryback = tag team dominance

    • Joda

      Well since there are only 3 tag teams, it wouldn't take much to dominate the division. Not even sure why they have a division.

      • Matt

        Imagine this. Big e and ryback mad at the shitty tag team division. They decide to interfere in a random triple threat tag team matxh we are bound to get. Then each of them picking up three of the 6 tag team people and doing their finishers hahahaha.

  • British bulldog

    Looking forward to seeing Barrett again

  • pocco

    Leave Ryback as a solo worker. Have a new Nation of Domination with Mark Henry and the team of Big E Langston & Zeke Jackson.

    • Wainwright

      Damn. That’s three HUGE dudes, I don’t think the ring could hold them!!

  • JTG


  • Shawn

    Even bring back big daddy v

  • Wwe4L76


  • Kevin

    Big E and Ryback together as a tag team. They could call themselves Intensity Incorporated.