Natalya Following In The Footsteps Of Bret Hart

Natalya is following in the footsteps of her uncle and is journaling her time in WWE in detail. Here's what she told SLAM! Wrestling:

"I keep very detailed, meticulous notes of my life, and it's totally inspired by my Uncle Bret. My uncle, I guess since we lost my Grandfather Stu, Bret has sort of been the patriarch of our family ever since then. He taught me a lot about basically keeping track of your travels, enjoying these special moments," she said.

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  • Chopper

    Keep track off all the matches your losing natalya wwe are realy putting you over right now, which is a pity as you are the hottest diva ever!

  • Again and Again

    She needed Bret to teach her about keeping a diary?
    * * ATTENTION * * All broads know about keeping a diary

    • urnemystic

      Be sexist all you want but there is a difference between your diary and someone who is actually important keeping an accurate and detailed account of their career in sports entertainment. Popel will someday pay to hear her story, can you say the same?

  • Rosey

    She should go to TNA, where she sod be appreciated. She is a good wrestler. TNA is place to be for a serious diva…… Rosey out

  • matt

    She got pushed in late 2010 only to be violently shoved aside for Eve

  • MonstaHeel 450

    0-4 since Beth's injury. Makes sense keeping a diary of all this. Least you'll have a second career in journalism if youre not careful, Nattie.

  • Captain Booger

    I've been ready to see Natalya and Beth destroy the the rest of the field over the past couple months, only to see escort girls get lame pinfalls. I'm not sure what the bozo's writing this stuff are thinking about, but there had best be a turnaround to this at some point in the near future, pending Beth's return to action. Lameness such as The Bella's and Alicia Fox have no business getting their paws raised.