Natalya Posts Pictures Of Her Face After AJ's Assault On Smackdown; Clip Of Daniel Bryan On The Soup Now Available Online

Natalya posted the following on her Twitter account:

-The backstage segment from Raw Supershow featuring Daniel Bryan & Kofi Kingston appearing as Clip of the Week on this week's episode of The Soup is now available on the official WWE website. Click here to watch it.

  • Robbie

    Holy s**t. She went to town on her

    • Double reversing…

      Make-up is cool

  • Dave

    AJ did that!?

    • Patrick_Peralta

      Make-up did

  • ChromeyDaniels

    That has to be make up…. She barley touched her

  • Need is say wrestling is FAKE

  • JFetch

    Potato shot.

  • Code

    Its Always The Quiet Ones….

  • barry

    that not make up

  • AJG316

    Did you guys not see those photos,those are obvious bruises NOT MAKEUP PROBLEMS. I guess wwe is electing us to take AJ seriously now but that won't happen from what everyone else here is saying

  • Bob

    If you guys read this website you should know that Natalya was busted open during the Smackdown tapings.

  • Frank

    I have fought full contact MMA, those friends are the real deal.

  • PirateKing

    That is one UUUUGGGGLLLLLYYYYYYY woman!!!

  • Dave

    Did she really need to pout?

  • Sarah


  • Charlie ford

    OMG! That’s really ugly.

  • David

    AJ, Must face the music…

  • MonstaHeel 450

    Talk about postal…… For someone who's 100 lbs. soaking wet, AJ almost took her head off with a slap that might as well weighed 1000 lbs. Dag I felt that from my seat… and the TV was on "mute", too.