New Batista Video, Chris Benoit To Be Featured On The WWE Network?

- Batista thanked donors for giving to help the people of the Philippines during the AMC fund drive in a new video posted at this link. You can also watch it below:

- There is a rumor being attributed to Dave Meltzer's publication that WWE plans to include Chris Benoit footage on the forthcoming WWE Network but any footage where Benoit is included will air with an advisory. The stance on Benoit hasn't changed as the company is willing to acknowledge he was part of their history but they will not be promoting him. Yes, this means he won't be going into the WWE Hall of Fame.

  • Mark McMark

    sad you had to clarify that he’s not going into the Hall of Fame for the marks that still worship this POS.

  • WrestlingFan4Life

    I am not a mark by any means, but one must give credit where credit is due. Chris Benoit was one hell of a great wrestler with an accomplished career. One cannot fault that record because of what he chose to do at the end of his life. Does he deserve to be in the Hall of Fame? Yes, due to his wrestling accomplishments. Should he be inducted into the Hall of Fame? Sadly, no, due to the horrendously bad decision he made at the end of his life. I believe if the WWE were to take an honest poll of its millions – and I mean millions – of fans, it would discover many more who would rather they did not air his matches than that would. I feel that if they air Chris Benoit matches, they might lose viewership. Most fans cannot watch a Benoit match without thinking of the tragedy that ended three lives; therefore, the logical conclusion is that most fans will not watch a Benoit match. While it is admirable for the WWE to recognize Chris Benoit for his part in its history, I feel that airing Chris Benoit matches on a new WWE Network is not what’s “best for business.”

  • Matt

    At the time of his death, he was my favorite wrestler. Even after it, I watch his old matches (various ladder matches and Rumble matches) and am impressed with his stamina and abilities. While it’s obvious he’ll never be in the HOf (unless there’s some fluke finding out it was a set up and he was murdered) I still like seeing him in the stuff because the matches he was in are some of the best in the industry history. I always hate when they avoid it when talking about the Rumble; “Number 1 has produced as many winners as the coveted number 30”.