New Blog From JR, Nash Working In Japan, Triple H’s New Look, WWE Acknowledges Scott Hall

Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website at this link.

Kevin Nash is advertised to work for All Japan Pro Wrestling on September 23, 2012. Nash is scheduled to team with Keiji Mutoh to face the team of Seiya Sanada & Taiyo Ke.

Triple H’s new look is top story news over on dot com. Click here for their coverage.

WWE has added Scott Hall to the Alumni section on dot com. You can view his profile at this link.

  • Bryan

    Love the comments on the official WWE website.

    • Allen

      Wow…just wow. All I can say is that it takes all kinds.

  • snuggle

    I think that them adding Hall is the coolest. I was a huge Hall fan. In my opinion he should’ve been a world champion seeing as how he started the nWo. Hall is the man and hopefully they add Hall to the video games.

    • Hardy

      So he can gain more money to drink away? Don’t see wwe doing that personally. Acknowledging him as a part of their history on the alumi page is only fair.