Detailed CM Punk Update From Wrestlemania 30 Week – More On His Engagement To AJ Lee; Is Her Spot In WWE Impacted By Punk’s Status?, How Vince McMahon’s Opinion Of Punk Is Different From Triple H & Stephanie McMahon, Latest Buzz In NOLA

On Thursday morning, I received some anonymous information regarding CM Punk. Since the person that fed me the information isn’t someone I normally speak with, I want to preface this information with a disclaimer. While we take all tips seriously, some tips have agendas. I was able to confirm some of what I was told on Thursday with some of my regular sources earlier in the week, which is why I’m carrying this.

According to an unconfirmed tipster, CM Punk and WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee were engaged to be married over the course of the last two weeks. We’re told it wasn’t as big of a surprise as some might think as the two had a friendship going back to 2012. When the friendship turned into a romantic relationship, many of Punk’s close WWE friends thought this would occur.

Contrary to what some think, AJ Lee is…

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