New Concerns About Rey Mysterio's Left Knee Following This Week's Smackdown

Rey Mysterio might have re-injured his left knee at Tuesday's Smackdown taping in Ontario, California. This is an ongoing issue that seems to come up in every Mysterio match but the problems with his left knee are well-documented. The former World Heavyweight Champion has torn the ACL in his left knee multiple times and has missed significant time because of it.

This possible injury occurred during a Fatal 4-Way match that also included Mark Henry, Kofi Kingston & Jack Swagger for the number one contendership to the Intercontinental Championship. The match will air on this week's episode of Smackdown.

Mysterio favored the knee after taking a bad bump, where he actually went to the floor and ripped off his knee brace. The interesting thing is no one has mentioned the injury within WWE and all we have is what the fans saw at this week's taping.

Complete Smackdown taping results for this week are online at this link.

  • tone

    Please retire Rey! Please

  • Venom

    An injury happened during a jack swagger match? What? But seriously Rey should retire. He doesn’t even take off his shirt when he wrestles for a good reason.

  • I agree with the consensus. He’s now toying with the ability to walk normally. He may have already done too much damage already. Why he hasn’t had a total knee replacement baffles me but he’ll have to do it at some point. If he doesn’t he doesn’t wish to be wheelchair-bound, he really should retire. He has absolutely no stamina left in that knee. He can’t go but a few matches before something happens. He’s regularly limping. The knee is gone. He needs to walk away while he still can.

    • Winnipeg

      Makes me wonder how he keeps up with his cardio

  • LeBron James

    That’s sad to hear. I’ve always enjoyed watching Mysterio perform, he’s great but these injuries are taking its toll. I admire the fact that he still goes out there and gives it hid all though and doesn’t complain of burn out then walk out at least.

  • Vic Jose

    He should retire already, it’s not worth it!

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    Rey come on man.. hang your boots up, wouldn’t want to see the biggest little man, and a great performer injury himself permanently.

  • Chris Eccles

    I guess it’s easier said than done for him to retire. It’s all the guy has ever known. I’m probably one of the biggest Rey fans out there and have followed him since he was Colibri, the selfish side of me doesn’t want him to retire but equally, I don’t want to see him wheeled to the podium when he gets inducted to the Hall of Fame.

  • Bman

    He should just retire I’ve always been a big fan. His best match had to be against Eddie I believe Halloween Havoc when Eddie had just finish coming off an injury. Look back at it folks it’s a calssic.

  • jason witten 82

    Agree with y’all its time for the guy to walk away, he has given us enough. I know its not that easy but come on man