New Details On Rock vs. Punk, Sandow's Apprentice Search, New WNW iPhone App

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- We heard The Rock and CM Punk are being allotted more than 20 minutes ring time for their WWE Championship match at Royal Rumble.

- Damien Sandow's apprentice search continues in the latest episode of WWE "Outside the Ring"  embedded in the video below:

- The latest version of the Wrestling News World iPhone App was released on Thursday. Click here to download/update now. Also, if you enjoy the App and use it on a daily basis could you do us the favor and leave a review? We'd really appreciate that.

  • Is the WNW app available for Android?

    • We hope to have more Apps out this year. Just a big process.

      • we are still waiting for………………… 🙂

  • Why would you not release the the app on the superior OS first Richard?

    • When the WNW App premiered, there was no such thing as an Android App

  • Android would be the best to release for ^_^

  • steve pritchard

    Love the idea of more than 20 minutes we all know both men are fully capable of it .the rock is a tremendous competitor and punk used to do hour plus matches with Samoa Joe many times back in his earlier days. Good job show casing their talents wwe! As far as android vs iPhone! I’ve owned several droids as a matter of fact I’m on one right now! I have yet to be impressed with any of them. Switching to iPhone when the next one comes out!

  • Chris

    So in a 3 hour PPV, we are looking at 20-30 minutes for Punk v Rock and probably 60-70 minutes for the Rumble. So about half the show will just be these two matches

    • steve pritchard

      At least its not tna where they talk for 90 percent of the show and maybe wrestle one match.I understand your grief though! But punk vs rock will be epic! As far as the rumble match goes I could not say the ideas were leaked and had cena winning! So unless they change their plans there’s really no reason to watch because we already know what’s going to happen! But I think rock and punk will bring the house down I assure you!

  • So for 20 minutes its going to be 1 2 oh no he kicked out!

  • give the rock watever he wants,,hes the freakin rock