New Divas Champion

Paige made her Raw debut and defeated Divas Champion AJ Lee to become the New Divas Champion.

Paige is the first and current NXT Women's Champion as well as Divas Champion.

  • Brandon


  • I haven’t seen someone debut and win a title that I can remember since Santino. I like this.

    • Rayner Chee-bai


      • Big D

        He said since Santino. All three of those were before Santino. (Especially Christian)

    • JeanAE

      Christian (Light-Heavyweight Championship)
      Gail Kim (Women’s Championship)

  • Jason

    HA! Knew it! AJ Lee to Retain at Wrestlemania against everyone just to Set up AJ Lee Vs Paige! Paige is now the NXT Womens and WWE Diva’s Champion!

  • James

    Can anyone tell me who this Paige girl is? I don’t watch NXT.

    • Harlie Boucher

      She’s awesome and a rivalry between her and AJ is what is best for business.

    • BIG M

      She’s the best Diva WWE has signed since Trish and Lita.
      You should really start watching NXT mate.
      In many ways it’s sometimes better than RAW as far as performers in ring work goes.
      NXT guys like Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn are gonna be huge one day mark my words.

  • Prprince1

    Wow there’s so many that deserve it and Paige gets the title in her debut. Not fair

    • Radical Rex

      You’re complaining about a AJ/Paige storyline when the Divas division is usually treated as a joke? What’s wrong with you? Naomi isn’t going anywhere. She’ll probably get another shot within a year.

    • Who else deserves it? The only diva in her league is Natalya. Naomi’s good but Paige is far better. Beyond them, the Divas division is full of women who look good but can’t work.

  • Whammaster

    for the first time in quite some time, i cant wait for a program between 2 women in the wwe =D! very excited to see what these 2 can do in the ring.

  • Val Parfenoff

    didnt look like paige botched her move that bad

  • Luke

    YES! Last time I marked out like that, Ziggler was world champ. Those who haven’t seen Paige wrestle, she’s great.

  • Mandy

    I don’t know who Paige since I don’t watch NXT but the fans went crazy for her! It seems WWE made the right move giving the title to her, there may be hope yet for the Divas division

    • BIG M

      Fans went nuts because a lot of fans from UK and Europe were at Mania and Raw this week.
      Same as last year (remember Mike Caihoda chants LOL).
      Seriously though Paige is the real deal no screaming or hair pulling with her.
      That chick can actually Wrestle.
      Best Diva I’ve seen since the Trish and Lita era for sure.

  • Gary Robert

    Just when I thought WWE had a slick little idea on how to stick it to CM Punk: make his girlfriend’s historic reign last longer than his, she loses on one of those pathetic girl finishers…leg sweep!

  • Charles

    She literally did one move. Even if she becomes the next Trish Stratus that was a terrible way to end a 295 day title run.
    Not everyone watches NXT so having her debut on RAW as the weak little girl that got lucky makes the Diva’s division look like even more of a joke.
    AJ deserved better she really has carried that division for a long time.

    • Ronnie

      Her reign has been super stale and with the debut of Paige winning the title, things just got a whole lot more interesting. Paige vs AJ is a gold mine waiting to happen!

      • Charles

        How would we remember Trish Stratus were it not for performers like Lita or Victoria?
        The only reason her reign was stale is because no other Diva is on the same planet with her as far as charisma.
        Nothing wrong with Paige winning the title but having her win the way she did doesn’t do much to put her on AJ’s level.

        • Ronnie

          It got stale because Creative kept rehashing the same AJ vs Total Divas nonsense. The matches definitely delivered, but the storyline left a lot to be desired. You can’t compare her reign to Trish when they had a lot of story lines to work with back in the day. I’m pretty sure that one finishing move was for storyline purposes anyway. AJ got too cooky and lost her belt as a result. We’ll see what happens next.

    • carlycane

      The goal was to make AJ look dominant and have it turn into an upset victory. Aj’s head was swelling because she beat everyone in the division and there was no one left. Of course she thought she could beat Paige; to her she’s a newbie. She was so cocky she put her belt on the line as proof. She didn’t think a “newbie” like Paige would beat her. She turned the table with a Paige Turner for the win. In my opinion, the story was told to perfection.

      While she did look and acted weak to everyone, it depends on how next week plays out to see if it was really a joke or not.


      I agree 1 million percent with you on that. WWE just diminished BOTH womens belts if you ask me. First with Diva belt, you just had your LONGEST reigning champion of all time lose the belt to an UNKNOWN rookie in her FIRST match in the big leagues. SO now that Diva belt is trash. Now the NXT belt is tarnished cuz it will be left for all the girls who cldnt beat Paige. I am one of the people who Dnt get to watch NXT. so to see some new person come and get title in first apperance is trash. Daniel Bryan and CM Punk should be pissed

  • Ronnie

    I marked out so hard when Paige finally debuted and beat AJ to win the Divas title. The sky is the limit for her and this upcoming feud with AJ is truly going to save the division.