New Features In WWE '13, McMahon Repaying Creditors, Latest From Jim Ross, The Miz Speaks

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- Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker sent word that WWE posted an article here on dot com about two new features in WWE '13.

- Politico has more on the McMahon family paying off creditors from their bankruptcy back in the 70s. You can read their coverage at this link.

- Jim Ross has a new blog on his official website at this link.

- Times Record News out of Wichita Falls, Texas has a new article online featuring quotes from WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz. Click here to read it.

  • Sjenttivensventa

    Brunos will never be beaten that reign had to be boring

    • ericdraven86

      Different time. Today's wrestling relies on a story-line, with a dash of athleticism here and there. Wrestling in Bruno's day was a lot different. The general belief at the time was that was a legitimate competition/sport, as opposed to the "entertainment" we know today, so the matches would last for a lot longer as well.