New General Manager Of Smackdown Revealed (Smackdown Spoiler)

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Booker T is the new General Manager of Smackdown. As previously reported on Wrestling News World, WWE sent out a mobile alert earlier today saying that there was "strong speculation" that Booker would be chosen.

In addition, Booker T has appointed Theodore Long as his "senior advisor."

Click here to view this week's Smackdown spoilers.

  • Osuman


  • Ty

    I think that’s a good idea!!

    • Paul

      Tell me you didn’t just say that…..
      🙂 nah it’s a good call

  • Daniel Moreno WWE

    brace yourselves, a new era of awesomeness is about to begin… suckaaaaaas!!

  • Lindsay Anderson

    This is GREAT! I feel as if a HUGE burden has been lifted off of my chest! If, by any chance something should happen, appoint Teddy as permanent GM of RAW if AJ should get hurt or any chaos goes down! BUT THIS IS AWESOME! Booker T's not intimidated & he certainly will NOT put up with Michael Cole or anyone's b.s.! 🙂 Can you dig that, sucka!

  • Thaddeus Short

    Guys, you know what that means? MOAR Tag Team matches!!!

  • kbeiram

    Sure its a good call, but I can't understand why WWE would practically spoil it before it happened?

    • wrldindsk89

      My thoughts exactly. I got the text and kinda took the wind out of the sails for tuning in on Friday

    • VaWrestlingFan

      Dude, Smackdown is recorded on Tuesday evenings.

      • Paul

        Some people wait til Friday and enjoy watching the show instead of reading about it.

        • Logan_Walker

          i like how on the Link (

          "INDIANAPOLIS – At tonight’s live SmackDown event in Indianapolis, Mr. McMahon confirmed the speculation of a new SmackDown General Manager – that man is Booker T. "

          but wait on RAW didn't they say that they would announce it on Smackdown

          PS. i know that SD is recorded on tuesday nights

    • Daryl Justin

      Dude, even if WWE spoiled it, It's okay. Because at the end of Smackdown's tapings, people form the WWE Universe as they like to say, will, tweet, facebook and Tout about it. That's the reason. No more element of surprise.

    • Jamie

      Well I stopped watching Smackdown, I'm going to start watching it now.

  • An0n

    Now can you dig that!? Sucka!!

  • Zatch

    First order next week fire/ humiliate michal cole!!

  • Khris

    Wow i thought it was going to be theodore long again which i was okay but booker with long as assistant can really pull smackdown possibly better

  • Hitman310

    I can dig that

  • scott seefong

    so, is it just josh and cole as smackdown announcers now?


    Dude this is going to suck big Competetors as GM for RAW and SMACKDOWN this is NOT going to WORK
    get some suits back in there they are going to abuse there power AJ is already doing it

    • Patrick Peralta

      WRONG this is a great move by WWe putting AJ and booker T in charge of RAW and SD…AJ is all ready doing a great job in her angles with Daniel Bryan , Kane and CM Punk over the last several months she is a lot better then boring Big Johnny.

      as for SD Cole better watch himself..

      Now Can You Dig That SUCKA!!!

  • Jessie Skys

    Pro-wrestling sucks!

    • Why do you come to this website? All of your posts are “____ sucks!”

  • JasonGaza

    i think King Booker is returning now that he’s GM. King Booker fits in more

  • zach

    I personally really hope that Matt Striker will be a commentator instead of Booker now

  • Crane

    Let’s spin’a rooney, GM Suckaaaa.

  • Mr. Fantastic

    First order of business fire Michael Cole from Smackdown bring Good ol' JR back to commentate

  • Stan smith

    U guys do realize its fake he has no power he calls no shots he is not really a GM the writers and Vince still control things

    • Luke

      wow, you’re a genius. who told you that?

  • MonstaHeel450

    GM BOOKA…… Can ya dig that….. SUKKKAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!!!!
    Michael Cole after hearing this: TELL ME HE DID NOT JUST SAY THAT… AND GET PROMOTED!!!!

  • Kevin

    I'm just glad to see Teddy Long back where he belongs. He may not carry the monicker of GM, but he might as well. He'll really be in charge on Smackdown. Michael Cole better watch his mouth now.