New Group Trying To Trademark "ECW" Refused Due To Similar Trademarks Already Owned By WWE

The new group attempting to trademark ECW for wrestling use, Mocker LLC, has been refused by a review panel for the United States government. The panel noted in their refusal that WWE's registration of ECW trademarks could cause confusion in the marketplace because they are providing similar services.

The refusal letter specifically mentioned ECW One Night Stand, ECW Extremists and ECW Vixens, all of which are currently owned by WWE.

TNA Wrestling was cited as an example how a trademark owner can have a similar place in the marketplace but with a unique trademark rather than using similar ones owned by another entity in the same marketplace.

Mocker will have six months to respond.

  • rola

    i want to be adivas is any one can help me

  • Kleck

    Just come up with something unique. Make it your own.

  • _JIM_

    I was wondering how this new company was going to get away with trying to take the ECW name just for those reasons. I thought WWE still had some ECW related TM’s. Also, ECW Vixens? Really? Was that TM ever even used? I don’t remember seeing it until now. That’s definitely not a creation of Paul Heyman’s ECW. It has Vince McMahon all over it.

  • PFElton

    This is ridiculous. If a trademark has been unrenewed, it should be open game.

    • Paul

      I totally agree tna was trying to use ecw when they did the ecw thing if its expire like If wcw expire I think tna should call themselves wcw

  • Lenny

    as Nelson would say…HAW-HAW!

  • Wwe4L76


  • HazMatt23

    Maybe they could use those 6 months to come up with an original thought and not try to leech off of a once-established brand name.

  • Dave Barton

    I thought they had already acquired the ECW tm? And if they can’t use it, then what good is it?

  • Ryder

    ECW sucked as lawler said Extreme Crappy Wrestling

    • Miles

      EG vs DM? RVD vs JL? SC vs YT? Of the top of my head I remember some pretty good wrestling out of these names whilst in ECW