New Jack Fights Brian Knobbs Backstage At Indy Show In Florida Last Night

New Jack knocked out Brian Knobbs backstage at a Florida Underground Wrestling show last night in Clearwater. Apparently Knobbs started the night with a racially-charged comment and continued to talk trash in the locker room after the show.

It was after the show New Jack walked up to him and punched him in the face. I was told by a wrestler on the show that it was a "one punch knockout." After that, New Jack continued to punch him until he was pulled off him. They continued to go back and forth with New Jack also kicking Knobbs in the head.

New Jack made a radio appearance earlier today to discuss what happened. Due to explicit language we aren't embedded the video but you can listen to his comments at this link.

  • Spyder

    I attend these shows all the time. Knobbs is always in attendance, normally drunk off his @$$

  • Mike

    new jack is at it again.

  • Dangerous Lee

    I have mixed feelings about new jack. All I know is I wouldn’t want to f— with him.

  • Yousef

    Ha, I’ve always loved New Jack. He is such a crazy bastard. Never liked Knobbs. Good job, jack

    • Jeremy

      How could you love New Jack? The guy is a monster.

  • Adam W.

    He definitely deserved it, in my opinion. It's 2012, racism should not be prevalent, but unfortunately it is.

  • Maximv1

    I have never been a fan of New Jack, but Knobbs sounds like an obnoxious jerk. Didn’t Knobbs make jokes about Randy Savage dying? Maybe karma is catching up to him?

  • sforester

    Can't book EITHER of them without something going down it seems. Shameful on Knobbs' part, but also shameful on New Jack for not settling it professionally.

  • gibbons08

    Awesome! Totally awesome! I hate Knobbs so much, I would take him hogan and beefcake on and anyone those idiots roll with just so I could punch Knobbs face out the back f his head!

  • Ant

    Thats awesome. New Jack's actions not Brian Knobs.

  • H.M.

    I'm at that trashy, scummy part of the wrestling world again…

  • Batch-pz101

    Who cares there both low life scum

  • Stinky Warm Farts

    2 washed up nobodies need to give it up already!!

  • Jim

    LOL! That should’ve been the main event of the show! Knobbs just seems like such a tool. Everytime something is reported about him its always him doing something ignorant to someone. The comments he made about Randy Savage after he died stick with me, and pretty much showed what kind of person Brian Knobbs is.

  • Andrew Ellis

    As. A African American I am no longer a fan of the nasty boys I use to love them.Also Teddy Long said that ole Anderson was as racist as they come wow I loved the four horsemen now I have to write them off

    • @jblack424

      Just cause their raciest or someone claims they are doesn’t mean you have to hate them. Kanye west is raciest but ill jam his music. Eddie murphy is raciest but ill watch his movies and raw is one of best stand ups I ever saw. Martin lawrence is raciest but ill watch bad boys everytime its on. Couple examples of raciest white man haters who ill enjoy their work. Why cause that’s their problem personal problems and instead of looking down on it someone should help them. I can honestly say I grow up inner city fought my way through racism as a white kid in majority black neighborhood but like new jack I had to fight to shut kids up. Knobbs is wrong but just cause he doesn’t like your color doesn’t mean you have to fast forward every ole anderson or nasty boys match. Just watch and know in your heart that because that hate isn’t in your heart your actuall better than a wwe hofamer and a former world tag team champion.

  • Jman

    When does New Jack get his own reality show?

  • Dave Barton

    Meltzer’s report was that Knobs told everyone including New Jack that they didn’t know how to work & had no business being in the ring. No mention of racist comments. Just shows how different sources pass along different stories.

    I for one don’t like Jack or Knobs, and that’s based solely on their real-life antics. My opinion, but its a wonder either of them got the pushes needed to become successful in the first place.

  • Batch-pz101

    What where the comments he made about macho man

    • Dave Barton

      In the days after Randy’s death, Knobbs was wandering around clutching his chest while mimmicking his voice.

  • Chris

    If Knobbs actually made racist comments, how did he expect New Jack to take it??

  • Pete

    Maybe now Knobbs will try harder to get Trailer Park Justice onto VH1 so he can sue New Jack for the eyeball New Jack isn’t blind in.