New Live Smackdown Special Scheduled For Later This Month

SyFy has scheduled another live Smackdown special for Tuesday, February 21, 2012 at 8 PM EST.

The special will take place from the BMO Harris Bank Center in Rockford, Illinois. Click here for local event information.

  • MPXTheChoice

    Sonuva… *rearranges schedule*

    • sforester

      You know you like it, Choice. LOL

      • kbunyon

        Me too! Me too!


  • Demolition

    Not enough talent anymore for two brands

    • chelu671

      Excuse me, but there are 40plus Superstars/Divas on the main roster. About 80 percent are active, some competing exclusively for SUPERSTARS & NXT.

      • Demolition

        You’re excused. You are giving me numbers which is fine. You mine as well add Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler to boost your numbers. I’m talking quality main event caliber wrestlers. When you have to stretch and add Kahli as a 5 chamber opponent you really don’t have depth. When the brand split first occurred there was plenty of talent to go around

  • jcud_theSaint

    If WWE made all Smackdown programming's LIVE, wouldn't it be a better step for ratings. Maybe if WWE stopped treating smackdown as a lower brand for once, more people would watch it rather than going on WNW to read the results every Tuesday. Although I still encourage fans to go to WNW everyday regardless, the best WWE news website that exists! #kissingAss

    • sforester

      I see where you're coming from (And as a writer, I'll take some of that arse kissing!), I see two small flaws in your logic:
      1) Tuesday is an especially stiff night of TV competition. Smackdown would suffer mightily in the competition(Even though most of the shows absolutely suck, there are idiots out there that enjoy them).
      2) Not putting Smackdown live doesn't make it look like a lower brand. In fact, the programming looks cleaner than Raw's in that fewer botches make it to TV, not to mention that Syfy is a little less willing to negotiate overrun time with Smackdown than USA is with Raw. 90% of the time, the Raw time overrun is USELESS or is caused by useless filler.

  • @ease9310

    AWESOME,another SmackDown special show,I hope it's better than the other special they had in Las Vagas,Nevada.Vote up if you agree!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @ease9310

    Raw specials are way better than the SmackDown specials

  • Bruno

    Yay I get to see Orton rko three times

  • Aaron

    Just got my tix, liking the chances for a really good show.

  • Steve

    TES I’m going to that event live floor 1 row 2 and u heard there might be a dark match and it’s a special I love my state of IL