New Match Added To No Way Out, Tony Chimel Botches David Otunga's Entrance, Ordering Problems With DirecTV

- A fatal 4-way match to determine the number one contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championship has been added to tonight's WWE No Way Out pay-per-view. The match will feature Primo & Epico vs. The Uso's vs. Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd vs. Darren Young & Titus O'Neil.

- Tony Chimel botched the entrance of David Otunga by miss-pronouncing Harvard Law School when he was introducing him for tonight's pre-show match.

- I'm not sure how many people are experiencing issues but I'm having a heck of a time ordering the show through DirecTV. I'm on the phone now but no pay-per-view feed yet.

  • Swanson

    Yeah he said larvard haw..
    Looking forward to the fatal 4 way
    Are they gonna get a match when r-truth is back? How long is he supposed to be out?

  • Brooklyn

    I am also unable to order No Way Out at the moment through DirecTv. Customer service rep claims they are doing a "System Update". Was advised to try and re-order in a couple of hours…, thanks!! I rather stream it for free online…this is strike one for DirectTv.

  • Dangerous Lee

    What’s Larvard Hall school? Some bootleg version of Harvard?

  • Ian P.

    When did Primo and Epico have their rematch? Shouldn't they still be #1 contenders?

    Perhaps I missed it somewhere. Can someone refresh my memory?

    • @KyleGordon91

      They did a bit backstage where they said they hadnt had their rematch within 30 days so they had to earn no. 1 contendership

  • jdl

    Gee, the infallible Chimel screwed up. Wonder if they'll abuse him and publicly shame him for it.

  • BigMike

    does anyone really care that Otunga's entrance was botched? he should not even be on TV. Otunga is soooo bad he makes Michael Cole look talented

  • Philg

    They explained that apparently after a month the rematch claus expired.. But that AW got them into the fatal 4 way seemed kinda silly seemed like it was a cheap way to bury them it maybe start good feud with ptp

  • Levi Aldebol

    Bottom line, if Primo & Epico didn't get their rematch, it's WWE's fault, not theirs. This is what happens when a title is put on the backburner for so long that people probably forgot there are tag team champions in WWE. This would not have happened back in the 1980's, or even in other wrestling companies today.

    • Mark

      They didn't get a rematch because R-Truth is injured at the moment.