New Radio Interviews With Jeremy Borash & Joseph Park

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Brandon Baxter interviewed Jeremy Borash and Joseph Park to promote the 3/28 Impact Wrestling taping in Jonesboro, Arkansas. You can listen to both in the videos below:

Jeremy Borash

Joseph Park

  • Dr Mike Lano, Photog Since ’66

    Wasn’t Brandon Baxter a very young heel teen manager in the old Dallas Global if memory serves? Not sure what he’s done since then, guessing maybe worked the 900 line at WCW? and now does online interviews for TNA? I think TNA simply paying tribute to Bill Moody was far better than how the Whiff bungled it. Sure, his P Bearer persona was used to further Mania Punk/Taker angle stuff and he might’ve appreciated that. But they did that at RAW’s start and should’ve left the end segment just w/ Taker and Kane paying respect. And leaving fans happy to have watched 3+ hours of that show. But then again, it’s the Whiff so what did any of us expect. And…money cannot “buy” a “HOF” that doesn’t have a physical home like the actual ones in Iowa and Upstate NY. Dr Mike here

    • WNW Fan

      I work for the same company Brandon Baxter does now. He and I both work full time in radio. He does a morning show in Jonesboro on KISS FM. He does a super job and is a great guy. As far as his wrestling career goes, I know he has wrestled in Memphis and some of the indy promotions around our area but for the most part now is retired from the ring. He and I both are hardcore wrestling fans thus his in-depth knowledge of the business.

  • joseph park is abyss