New ROH Champion; Given The Current State Of Ring Of Honor, Should We Discontinue Our Coverage? (Vote Here)

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Kevin Steen beat Davey Richards at last night's Ring of Honor "Border Wars" iPPV to win the ROH Championship. Due to widespread technical difficulties, the show was unavailable to the masses and we were unable to provide readers with live coverage and/or show results.

This leads into the more important portion of the article as given ROH's recent technical difficulties, I am putting the future coverage of Ring of Honor on in your hands. We are asking readers here on our Facebook page to vote on whether or not to continue covering Ring of Honor. The outcome of the poll is the direction we will follow.

While we haven't dedicated a portion of to independent coverage in several years, I made the decision to scale back the coverage even further in 2012, eliminating all promotions except for Ring of Honor. Given the recent problems with ROH's iPPVs, I'm considering covering only WWE and TNA as they seem to be the two promotions people care the most about.

Some people want to know why I am against covering independent promotions and the fact of the matter is that most independent promoters are unreliable. This is why we offer very little promotion when it comes to indy shows as I do not want to promote something that is going to "ripoff the consumer." Regardless of explanations from Ring of Honor, taking money from their consumers and not delivering the product is wrong.

Therefore, vote in the poll located at the link below to determine whether or not we continue covering Ring of Honor:

  • LeftyTosser

    Richard, I for one would have no problem with not covering ROH. Any promotion that cannot get it's act together enough for the fans to be able to see a PPV does not deserve coverage beyond an occasional mention of a bigger name worker. I enjoy watching ROH programming, but if they cannot fix problems like this one then how are they going to fix serious problems down the road? If WWE or TNA decide to raid the ranks of the X Division type workers, what would they do?

  • ThisGuy

    Cover DGUSA over ROH

  • Silver

    I understand where you are coming from and totally agree that ROH needs to get their act together, but allowing people to vote on whether or not you stick by your personal feelings about what they do is confusing. If you don't want to cover them because you take issue with their business practice, then don't cover them. But if you are willing to compromise those beliefs in favor of site traffic from people interested in the coverage then don't bother telling people why you don't want to cover it, just cover it.

  • christopher525

    I say discontinue it, since they're no better than a regional indie now. They have some talent, but their corporate structure is apparently horrible.

    • gbdb

      A new server on a first attempt is not bad corporate structure. Is that good grammar smart guy.

  • Howard Stern

    I vote forget about ROH, I'd also vote the same for TNA as well but I'm sure there are plenty of people who visit the site for TNA.

  • Jason

    Roh is where alot of wwe/tna talent starts from. It would be a shame to ignore it all.

  • Gbdb

    Give them a chance how would you like it if it was you and people were sticking it to you personally I think roh
    Is ten times better than tna and they addressed the problem and the last event was screwed up by go fight live this was their first attempt and it came on for me by the 2nd match and now best in the world will be free for me if people are that petty I will boycott any site that drops them for this no matter how much I like it and that would be a shame because I feel wnw is the best site
    For wrestling there is be fair and give them a chance to
    Make good

    • christopher525

      To be completely honest, the simple fact of the matter is that this site won't miss anyone who can't type properly, or use proper punctuation. If I ran a wrestling company and I screwed up as majorly as they did, I would expect people to not pay attention to me, the lack of coverage is completely deserved.

      • gbdb

        My I pad screwed up big mouth I have two college degrees and you would not say that to my six foot eight
        face. P.S. how many do you have, besides people almost always use bad grammar on comments or
        Facebook and you are not my English teacher either. P.P.S. I got a 4.0 in English tween you are probably
        still in junior high .

      • gbdb

        4.0 in college english smart mouth

      • gbdb

        And I screwed up is good grammar

    • Gbdb

      Bad grammar via 20 Budweisers, oops lol. Only a smark would use grammar as an argument.

  • Levi Aldebol

    There are members of the NWA that deserve more coverage than ROH at this point. Why not cover those?

  • I will come away feeling better; I never get around to writing.

  • Well you do a good job here. And the one problem we had. you took care of it. You say your not techy. My wife and I just went from a basic phone to the works. It will take me weeks to fiugre it out. So cool though TK I ask for the score of any game and there it is.