New Shield Promo, Flair & Hogan Together Saturday Night, Who Is Behind WWE Creative?

- The Shield promises they will “continue their battle against injustice” in 2013 in the video embedded below:

[youtube id="_4CWNW2tLDc" width="620" height="360"]

- Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan were together Saturday night with their families at Hogan’s new restaurant. Click here for photos.

- Who is behind WWE creative? James Tee answers that question here on

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  • Rayner Chee-bai

    2013 will be the year of The Shield and hopefully the end of Ryback. They should always put The Shield over Ryback most of the times.

  • XKonn247

    When will WWE allow European fans to watch these videos!?

  • H.M.

    Want to see the Shield do more than just randomly attack faces. I really like what these three have to offer especially after that epic EPIC TLC match.

  • Gary

    Who is behind WWE creative? Someone or a group of very non-creative people.

  • Nicki

    Screw the shield and screw ryback. Nwo and Goldberg wanna b’s and remakes. Very boring and hope that they all go away soon