New Sin Cara Shirt Has People Talking

While ordinarily I wouldn't even consider this worth noting, it's slow enough to mention that a new Sin Cara t-shirt has people talking. I'll let you be the judge of what is possibly pictured on the graphic below:

9:45 PM EST Update: The shirt has been removed from the website.

  • Mike L

    When did Sin Cara join DX?

  • Mike

    I'm not sure I understand the significance of this t-shirt. It isn't something you have to live in America/be American to understand is it?

    • Jermaine

      Terrible thing is, I'm American, and I don't see it.

    • Moh

      The part where his outfit shows through the jacket looks like a Penis.

  • Andy

    The stitching is so substandard it beggars belief, That T-Shirt will fall apart after a month's washing, I guarantee.

    Huge enormous dripping monster dong? No idea what you're talking about…


  • Slowday

    If its so slow why dont you mention somewhere Morrison WWEcontract expires on Wednesday??

    • Jim P.

      They did.

    • WWF forever

      Maybe if you would look around you would see that that has already been mentioned.

  • Stephen

    Umm I'm not really seeing anything wrong. Maybe I'm missing something.

    • Gary

      like the giant erect penis?

  • Richard

    Well I guess they had to do something to keep people talking about him while he's gone.

  • raf

    I don't see anything in the picture anyone wanna help spot it?

  • James

    He's melting and gold. What's the deal?

  • logan Walker

    i dont understand ?

  • Krazy King

    New shirt, it has to be advertised so that tells me somebody will be put under the mask and wrestle as Sin Cara again

  • wnwdotcom2

    Anyone that doesn't see it, keep looking and you'll eventually see what the issue is…

    • Lucha_Libre

      is it the white socky thing where his genitals are?

    • John

      Is it that he's fading or wasting away?

    • Ribo88

      Is this some type of tie in like WWE did with The Muppets? I cant think why else they would put Verne Troyer on his new Tee.

  • Dave Barton

    Looks like their Halloween-themed zombie style merchandise.

  • wnwdotcom2

    Biggest rib of all time?

    • logan Walker

      i still dont get it

  • Triveshkar

    Lol I see what all the talk is about,this t-shirt doesn’t fit the “PG” rating

  • Roberto Yanes

    Officially named the Sin " Boner " Care T-shirt

    • Dave Barton

      Jumped right out at me, now that I knew what I was looking for.

  • logan Walker

    DX ?
    PG ?
    Penis ?
    Fake ?

    Other ? Someone Nail it down for me

  • Lin

    Bwha ha ha ha!

    How did they get that past the radar?

  • kbunyon

    I will fully admit I didn't see it at first. I had to go back and look again, then it was glaringly obvious. I think I missed it because of the whole PG thing.


  • BIjan

    I don't get it… looks like a sin cara painting with the paint dripping. Nothing really special~

  • joe

    for the people who still dont get it, its a penis…..

  • Abbathcl

    He's melting away from wwe.

  • Jim P.

    Okay, I definitely see what everyone is talking about. My question is, what is that "supposed" to be? In other words, I assume the makers of the shirt will say that it's all some innocent misunderstanding, but what else COULD it be?

  • Matt

    I think they're giving him more credit than is true, lol.

  • El Kabong

    imagine a man wearing it.
    loud and proud! haha

  • Daniel

    Wow what a cock up

  • Brandon

    Ha, not sure which commenters are being serious and which are being sarcastic about not seeing it. Not PG, I'm sure.

  • christianrocker90

    If you have a dirty mind that's your problem, all I see is an innocent shirt.

  • Pipebomb

    Sin Cara has that popped collar swag going.

  • LoganWalk


  • Cyn

    Vince McMahon always did love roosters…

  • Cyn


  • Cyn

    QUICK! Take him to the hospital! Its been more than four hours!

  • Dig Baddy

    Super funny! I'd buy it.

  • H.M.

    No way, WWE wouldn't intend to put anything like that on their shirts. It was probably an unintended consequence, and the designers didn't expect it. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

    On a side note Cara in that costume is reminding me of Scorpion from MK. Anyone else catch THAT?

  • TEX

    What is wrong with this T-Shirt–Nothing, people only make out what they want it to be. If people would get their mind out of the gutter and into the books, things would be better off. And it has nothing to do with DX, and i don't know who came up with that. Get a grip people.

  • RyderNation

    Even his shirt got botched XD

    • craig

      Post of the day

  • sforester

    I would hope that it's merely us being dirty-minded in seeing this, but WWE has been around long enough to get past the double meaning shirts…. I'm hoping they're setting up Sin Cara to return wearing white and gold (as a reference to his background as Mistico) rather than a Sin Cara-style Power Rangers stable.

  • ZackPack

    They botched his t-shirt.

    His new gimmick should be that everything is botched – his trampoline should break, his mask should fall off etc.

  • @Commishg19

    I must be going blind or Sin Cara's a diva because I can't see anything

  • Danno

    Avante Garde ! I don't know maybe we are all supposed to be confused

  • Chapel Of Ghouls

    It took me a while to see this. I'm thinking this is a big rib in response to Sin Cara getting injured. Maybe it was something by HHH, since his past with DX involved remarks regarding male genitalia. It sure is a funny picture.

    Looking at the shirt, perfect opportunity for Booker to say his patented "Whut the hail!" or "You've gotta be kidding me!" What does Booker think of one of his frequent Fave Fivers now? Cody Rhodes now wished he got the paper bags now, this shirt warrants such bags to be placed over.

    Say Sin Cara were to copy John Cena's "You can't see me" schtick. Totally wrong, can see that, thing, from a mile away. This would be great material for Mick Foley's stand up.

  • Jim

    That's really nit-picking isn't it? I still had a tough time seeing anything wrong. Even after being tipped off as to what the "problem" is. People need to get their minds out the gutter. lol This shouldn't be that big of a problem for WWE since no one is going to be buying a Sin Cara t-shirt to begin with. So fixing the 4 or 5 shirts that were made shouldn't be that difficult.

    • Jouva

      4 or 5 rofl. Yes cause when companies trying to sell merchandise do a printing, that's all they make is 4 or 5. Not 4 or 5 THOUSAND. Or tens of thousands.

  • robert

    yeat that's weird, i didn't notice the penis going into his stomach @ first. guess sin cara really is in the doghouse. good thing he is injured so he can't wear this shirt on tv

  • wewantryder

    ohhhhh i get, sin cara is supposed to be BLUE and gold not white and gold…that took me a while

  • Brandon Ceielo

    This reminds me of the old The Little Mermaid video tape cover where if you look at the spires of the castle, you'll see the exact same thing lol.

  • JakShowtime

    Makes me think of the good ol' days in Disney when things like that would be inserted into the movies… Little Mermaid, Lion King, Aladdin…

    I think the shirt, even without the penis, was a rib to start with. What exactly was the point of it? That he's as brittle as wax? That he lasts as long as a candle?

  • Jose

    The reason why the shirt got pulled was because it looks like it has a penis dripping with gold.

  • Frenchfry

    how do so many people not see this lol?

    • Andy S

      How do people dot see it?

      Don’t americans learn the abstinance method of birth control instead of getting real sex education? That might be a factor 😛

  • Jason

    I'm more worried about those who see "it" than the actual t-shirt. How can you come up with something like that, unless you're looking for it in the first place? Hmmmm

  • Alex

    Oh my god I finally saw it. It took me a min as I had to look through it again, but wow. lol That's not PG. lol

  • Dave

    IT HAS A PENIS ON IT! Idiots…

  • Josh in MN

    If that's "Sin Cara Azul's", they would need a MUCH larger shirt for ol' "Sin Cara Negro's".

  • steve

    Yeah, I saw it right away….'yawn'.


  • josh

    what a huge penis

  • Rebel

    WWE Fans feel free to talk about the first thing that pops up with Sin Cara!

  • mark

    If you follow Colt Cobana on twitter, you'll know.

  • SteveLP… anyone else think this was a rib on RVD when he was in a WWE game but under contract to TNA/IW?

  • Mr_Snaps

    How do you all not see the giant penis between his melting legs?

  • Sin Cara

    there's a penis -_-