New Sin Cara, Undertaker At WWE TLC?, Outcome Of Title Unification, Good PPV Build

Will Hunico be playing Sin Cara moving forward?

Hunico was indeed under the Sin Cara mask on Monday Night Raw this week and this appears to be the plan moving forward. The fact WWE put him over Alberto Del Rio clean tells me they still have big plans for the Sin Cara gimmick. It appears that Luis Ignascio Urive Alvirde, the original Sin Cara, is finished with WWE. I'll have more on all of this in this week's Backstage Raw news.

With WWE TLC taking place in Houston, what are the odds Undertaker makes a surprise appearance?

While anything is possible, I wouldn't count on seeing The Undertaker until the build to Wrestlemania XXX next year. If WWE was going to use him on pay-per-view prior, it probably would have been at Survivor Series. As we all saw, that was not the case as Undertaker recently had another surgery that is not expected to impact his status for next year's pay-per-view.

Do you see a possible outcome for the WWE Championship/World Heavyweight Championship match at TLC? For example, both men grab a championship so WWE still has two champions?

When WWE first announced the TLC main event, they were vague in the wording. While the assumption was it would be a unification match, they didn't come right out and say it. That changed on this week's episode of Raw, with WWE moving forward that it would be a unification match. They even held an App vote with fans saying they wanted the new champion to be called the Unified Champion. The Ask WNW mailbox was filled with scenarios, thoughts and ideas but the bottom-line is no one knows where they are going. Based on the way WWE has booked The Authority angle, there is good reason to suspect a screwy finish. However, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon "guarantee" one champion after the pay-per-view.

What's your take on the build to WWE TLC?

I Tweeted Monday night that the build to WWE TLC has been "much better" and it's the first pay-per-view in months that has seemed relevant. Hot shot or not, the fact of the matter is this card features a match that is a "big deal" and I think it will help the show's buy rate. We've talked a lot about pay-per-views being attraction-driven and the unification of the WWE and World Heavyweight titles is a big attraction. People that do not like Cena and do not like Orton are going to moan, groan and complain but if you do not like Cena and you do not like Orton, what are you doing watching WWE? They are number one and number two respectively. How WWE books the bout will have major implications on what I think of TLC and even though I'm not thrilled with a match this big being a hot-shotted gimmick match, it's much better than the monotony we've endured since SummerSlam.

From the Ask WNW vault…

June 2008: I agree that in today's day and age, the Intercontinental Championship belt has turned into an afterthought; once a stepping stone for a superstar, the IC belt has turned into nothing more than a prop that is held by upper level mid-card workers. I think one of the reasons for this is because that WWE has two World Championships as well as the ECW Championship. Factor in the United States Championship belt and you have a ton of championships. I think that it would be refreshing for Shawn Michaels to get a run as IC Champ and like you said - maybe restore the belt's image but I haven't heard anything either way. It's really frustrating how WWE utilizes their titles with them rarely being defended and with Champions getting beat clean in non-title matches.

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  • Jaryd

    The only way that unifying the titles could be a good thing is if they then elevate the intercontinental championship as a proper secondary title.
    I don’t know if people will agree but the way I’ve looked at it in recent years is that the WWE title is the main championship, with the WHC having status similar to that of the IC title back in its heyday.
    Therefore if you unified the world titles and use the IC belt similar to the way the WHC is used now instead of having it be a prop then I will see that as a good thing.

    • Tim

      I feel like they need to do the same. It just seems so dumb. Oh look we have two number twos.

    • Bob’s Diner

      That is exactly why the titles need to be unified – WORLD titles should mean you are at the top of the heap. If the World Heavyweight championship is the equivalent of the Intercontinental Championship from the 80’s and 90’s, does that make Honky Tonk Man a former world champion? Or Chris Jericho a 20 time world champion? No – and it shouldn’t. When the brand extension ended, the titles should have been unified because you can’t have two number ones in one company

  • Cubed56

    “If you don’t like Cena and you do not like Orton, what are you doing watching WWE?” Really Richard? So if someone doesn’t like Cena or Orton they shouldn’t be watching wwe? I can’t speak for all fans obviously, but myself personally I certainly do not watch for Cena and Orton. I watch because I am a wrestling fan. If I had to say which superstars make me watch, it’s certainly not Cena and Orton. Those guys are the shield, the Wyatt’s, cm punk, Daniel Bryan, the Rhodes brothers, Sandow, big e, I can keep going, hell even AJ lee makes me watch over Cena and Orton. I am not saying I hate Orton and Cena, but I also do not watch raw just because of these two, and they certainly aren’t the reason I watch in the first place.

    • Bob’s Diner

      Richard seems to be on a real kick to push 2 things at the moment:
      1 – Title unification is bad!
      2 – John Cena is the greatest!
      And if anyone disagrees with him then they aren’t real fans because he knows better

      • JR Texx (Jamie)

        Honestly, I don’t understand why they are unifying those two particular titles, I mean they’re the two most historic titles in WWE’s history, possibly wrestling. (Could be wrong) and then they stick it with Randy Orton and John Cena.. a match I’m not really interested in watching..

        • Bob’s Diner

          World Heavyweight title has only been around since 2003 – IC title is much more historic.

          And before anyone comes out with it, no – the World Heavyweight title is NOT the WCW World Heavyweight title. WWE treat it as an entirely different lineage because WCW does not exist anymore and that title ended in 2001. You can even check the WWE website if you disagree

          • the arbiter

            Then why did they do those “compare WWE vs World” champion segments a while back? And why count Ric Flair as a 16 time champion?

          • Bob’s Diner

            Don’t ask me – I don’t work for their retarded creative team that obviously don’t even understand their own company. Look on the WWE website and you will see that the WCW World Heavyweight title began in 1991 and ended in 2001. They do recognise that today’s World Heavyweight title can trace its lineage back to the NWA title via the WCW title, but they are very clear under the World Heavyweight title that it began in 2003 with Eric Bischoff awarding it to HHH. Different titles

          • Jbreed

            Actually if I’m not mistaken, on Raw JBL mentioned the world heavyweight title dates back to 1903.

          • Bob’s Diner

            As I said, read their website under World Heavyweight Championship Reigns. They are not the same. And they shouldn’t be

    • Atman

      Thank you. Was going to say exactly the same thing. Utter insulting nonsense, Richard. “like it all or get out” is a ridiculous stance.

    • Snap

      Exactly, I don’t watch WWE for guys like Cena and Orton (though I find Orton the more palatable of the two), I watch for guys like Daniel Bryan, The Shield, The Wyatt Family. I don’t even watch RAW live anymore, so I can literally pick and choose what I want to watch in the show. It’s ludicrous to even suggest that we are obligated to like whomever WWE chooses to be the top guy in the company.

      Did people really vote for “Unified champion”? That had to be the stupidest option… oh well, that answers that. What’s wrong with simply WWE champion or WWE World champion? They had no problem going for what made sense when they unified the tag titles.

      The biggest problem with “Unified champion” is, if they went with that, down the road when there is another viewership turnover, how much sense will it be to announce the champion of the company as the “Unified champion”? Plus, you know the current WWE championship belt is gonna represent the unified championships, so how much sense does a huge WWE logo have with “Unified”?

      • Venom

        It’s obvious wwe is disorganized. It would have made sense last year if when they introduced the new ugly wwe championship to replace the spinner crap they had for over 5 years it should have been the undisputed/unified championship. It’s obvious wwe championship will be the belt they keep cuz I doubt they’ll change it.

        If I had voted I would hve also chose unified. I know the name sucks but if your unifying something y would u keep one name over the other? I’m sure that’s what fans who voted probably felt and I wouldn’t be surprised if wwe expected everyone to pick wwe undisputed champion but it didn’t make sense.

        This is why I think it should be called undisputed wwe world heavyweight champion or undisputed wwe world champion. A combination of the 2 belts. Have Cena or Orton carry both belts like Jericho did until after mania and the next night introduce a new championship design. But since this whole thing seems hot shorted it would take longer.

  • Tim

    Stephanie was so sure and guaranteeing. It almost seems something screwy would happen. I was hoping punk would find a way into the feud and win the title. Leading to Bryan being mad and them two rival at wmxxx. But that’s just wishfull thinking.

  • eskymi

    I respectfully disagree with your assessment about Cena and Orton.

    I like Cena, but hate Orton. This is why I watch WWE but yet fast forward through the Randy Orton crap. For me, when Orton is in the Mid card the show is more enjoyable. I don’t like his wrestling, look, mic skills, there is nothing there that makes me enjoy anything about him. That is just my opinion.

    Other than that, I pretty much agree with you on just about everything else. Keep up the good work.

  • Venom

    THey shouldn’t have given fans an option in naming the championship cuz lets be honest, in the end they’re going to keep the wwe championship. They just introduced the new title last year and were stuck with the spinner crap for years and years. They’re keeping the current championship should have called in the wwe world champion. Keeps both names. Personally I wish they make a new design using elements of both belts cuz I do like the custom side plates but should also have a name on the front.

    I think TNA has a better looking championship but my favorite will always be the current IC look.

    As for Sin Cara I prefer Hunico over the original Sin Cara and always felt he got a raw deal when they took the mask off him so early. Here is a guy who worked hard in FCW and learned the WWE way but another wrestler with a big ego came straight from Mexico to RAW and botched like crazy. Too bad WWE didn’t tell him to not get tattooed but oh we’ll.

  • 1molly23

    I can see Vincent Kennedy McMahon throwing his normal monkey-wrench into the unification match. Stephanie and HHH are just too sure of themselves.

    • Bob’s Diner

      Agreed. Vince has to get himself back on TV in some way, and they teased his return after Survivor Series. I’m guessing he will come in and help Orton win, HHH will get annoyed and turn face leading to HHH vs Mr McMahon for control of the company or something. Plus Orton vs Cena rematch

      • smark calloway

        i think vince is going to be revealed as ” the devil” …as in ,when bray wyatt said ” the devil made me do it ” (when he attacked bryan) ..vince will be revealed as the mastermind behind the whole authority thing . probably with a fake face turn swerve somewhere to ” help ” the faces , but then he will show his true colours and tell the world he was pulling the strings behind the authority all history proves, heel vince = ratings

        • Philip Thompson

          Not Paul Heyman?

      • JR Texx (Jamie)

        Vince to come back, screw everybody over and make himself the Unified Champion! Now that will be worth watching. Just to see everyones shocked faces.

        • Bob’s Diner

          I was always surprised he didn’t make himself WCW champion after buying the company

  • Ant_C

    I can see them doing a finish where both are on top of the ladder and one person grabs one belt and the other grabs the other belt and they both come down one belt a piece at the same time.

    • Chris

      I agree. I think the poll for undisputed/unfied championship name is irrelevant because we won’t get one

  • Vaneyscopaz

    I think want to switch the titles, give cena wwe title and orton gets whc title, but i know Punk is up next for wwe title so hmmmm

    • Bob’s Diner

      How do you “Punk is up next for wwe title”?
      No fans know who is getting the title next. He’s not even booked in an upcoming title match

      • JR Texx (Jamie)

        To be fair, it did look like Punk was trying to involve himself in the “Authority” storyline.

  • whammaster

    I really think this would of been a bigger deal to me if it was between D.Bryan and Punk.

    • Danny_Boy

      It would actually be a much lesser deal if it was Punk & Bryan.

    • Jean

      I definitely agree. Back when both were champions at the same time, imagine them dueling it out to crown one as undisputed champion.

  • _JIM_

    I don’t like the “unified champion” title that people supposedly voted for on Raw. I’m more for the champion being called “undisputed WWE champion” or just the “undisputed champion”. It gives it more of a real feel due to boxing champions always being called the “undisputed champion” when a boxer wins all 3 major championships in a certain weight class. Plus the last time this was done in WWE Chris Jericho was the first “undisputed champion”. I just think it would have been a good idea to stick with that name this time.

    I was kind of shocked when Sin Cara beat Del Rio clean. Especially after how Del Rio has been in the W.H.C. picture for so long up to this point. A loss like that drops him right back down to mid-card status imo. Especially if he doesn’t. Come back on Smackdown or the next Raw and get a win over Cara. I don’t like the Cara gimmick to begin with. It’s just a cheap Mysterio rip off that they are trying to get over to take Rey’s place when he is done. Which due to his constant injuries could be anytime in WWE’S eyes. Which is why they are so determined to get the Cara character over no matter what or no matter who they have to get to play the character.

    The build for TLC has been a lot better than the bild for Survivor Series so far imo. The attraction of having a “unified champion” crowned should really help the buy rate go up. So they better actually have a winner or people will lose their minds and feel ripped off. They can’t keep doing that to people by not giving them a payoff in the main events on PPV’S like the Orton vs Bryan main event a few months ago. People will stop buying which should be evident to them from the recent numbers.

    • Bob’s Diner

      They’ll probably go with Unified Champion so they can say that Orton was the ‘first Unified Champion’ or some garbage as a way of making him seem more important than he is

    • Venom

      That’s y I think they should call it the undisputed wwe world champion. Or undisputed wwe world heavyweight champion. This way it’s combining the two names together.

      I disagree about sin cara as the gimmick is meant to be a silent wrestler but mysterio is more talkative.

  • Ricky

    I’m all for Hunico as Sin Cara, I always felt like he got the short end of the stick in the Sin Cara Azule vs. Sin Cara Negro feud. Sadly the original Sin Cara just didn’t work, he was sloppy in the ring and too prone to injuries.

  • Bob’s Diner

    Unified Champion sounds incredibly stupid

    And the idea that fans shouldn’t be watching WWE if they don’t like Randy Orton and John Cena is about as intelligent as saying I shouldn’t have been a fan in the 80’s because I didn’t like Hulk Hogan. Or the 90’s because I didn’t like Steve Austin. Guess what, Richard – not every match on every show involves John Cena and Randy Orton. There are numerous other wrestlers that can make a show worth watching by putting on a great performance that neither Orton nor Cena are capable of doing.

    Fans like me keep watching and voice our opinions in the hopes that things will one day change, that the people in charge will one day listen to the fans that boo Cena and Orton out of most arenas but cheer the real talent.

    There are no mainstream alternatives for us to watch. TNA gets worse every week and while there are great indy promotions out there, they aren’t available on weekly television.

    Your attitude of late is really starting to turn a lot of people off this site

    • Avalanchian

      You’re obviously not paying attention to the crowds. Do you see the kids with Cena stuff left and right? I sure do. It’s a PG show and Cena has to be front and center majority of the time because of his pull power. Orton isn’t a slacker either. Sure people whine and cry on this site about certain wrestlers. Hell there are people who think Barrett should get a push… but his gimmicks suck. Only time he was semi-decent was with Nexus and got a bigger reaction when Cena had joined. Orton and Cena have the look, mic work, and are loved/hated by many getting them the best reactions.

      • Bob’s Diner

        I’m not sure why you feel the need to turn this into a ‘who draws’ argument. No one is saying kids don’t buy Cena’s merch. But WWE clearly don’t listen to their audience on what they want and because of that they are losing fans. Buyrates are tumbling, ratings are down. Having the same top guys for so long grows stale. Ignoring the boos and chants of “boring” – especially during the main events – is not smart business.

        Regardless of my opinion, I wouldn’t tell fans of Orton or Cena to stop watching. Richard relies on wrestling fans to keep his business going, so why would he suggest that because we disagree with his opinion that we should not be watching? I get the feeling he wants this site to be all people going ‘John Cena = YAY! Title unification = BOO! JBL = YAY! Ryback = BOO!’

        • smark calloway

          the reason they are keeping cena at the top of the card , ignoring the boos for him and not turning him heel or doing anything different with him is because it was recently revealed that he brings in 100 million a year revenue for wwe . when the money stops coming in , then they will probably change direction.

          • Bob’s Diner

            Who revealed that? Sounds absolutely impossible to me.
            Unless someone is trying to say that John Cena is responsible for all PPV buys and advertising revenue for the company

            Besides all that, you are ignoring my comment. Seems to be the norm here. Feel free to say Richard is right because at least that would be on topic instead of talking about how wonderful John Cena is

        • Venom

          I hope Richard was just being sarcastic about his comment. I notice he hasn’t responded here. People here think Im anti orton and cena but it’s not the case. I was a cena fan when he started and reached the top but there is absolutely nothing to cheer for.

          Even when Lesnar returned and attacked him and the rumor about his divorce leaked and it was thought he as going to take a long absence I was hoping Lesnar (who I don’t care for but another topic) would destroy him so when Cena would come back fans have a reason to root for him and get his revenge. Yet they still had him beat Lesnar and a month later main event a match against John Laurenitis while wwe champion CM Punk wasn’t.

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    Why do I get the feeling that Hunter is going to become the unified champion or something? Because they’ve been saying that their is going to be a unified champion, but they haven’t said it’s going to be Randy Orton or John Cena, and when Hunter was listing the greats, Stephanie, pointed out Hunter for both titles.

    Just a thought, unlikely but it just seems odd to me.

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      excuse my spelling. Urgh It’s late.

    • Bob’s Diner

      That would actually be hilarious

      • JR Texx (Jamie)

        It would, It’s probably just rubbish, but I’m kinda hoping that is how it goes, would be even funnier if Hunter was the one that wanted to surpass Ric Flair.. I think this is a bit far fetched. But hey.

    • TheBigKing1

      You’re over-thinking bro.

  • WrestlingFan4Life

    Wow, Richard. Do you actually feel that way about Cena and Orton (if you don’t like either one, why are you watching?), or were you purposely trying to start a riot? Because if you said that just to stir up the fans, it was a BRILLIANT move; if it’s truly how you feel, you really f’d up, kind of like smacking a hornet’s nest with a ball bat.

    • Gary Robert

      He didn’t say he didn’t like them. He asked a simple question towards the complaining masses.

    • TheBigKing1

      He was saying that’s how some people feel. Then he said that if you feel like that, why are you(the people that don’t like either man) watching. I think it was a clear and concise statement. Don’t know how you got confused with that.

  • Dan

    Heck I like Randy Orton and can’t stand John Cena (don’t like his character but he’s a great role model overall) but honestly me not liking Cena makes me watch and hope he loses and gets his arse kicked all the time. Even though it doesn’t happen cuz he is SUPER CENA

  • Jbreed

    The fact there was no report on these wrestling websites about the WWE possibly unifying the titles only means it’s all part of a storyline. John Cena will grab the WWE title and Randy Orton the world title. And the whole purpose is to swap the titles for John Cena to get back his WWE title because to them it’s the more prestigious and the title Cena deserves to hold.

  • Jbreed

    Actually the only reason to watch the WWE is because of everybody other than Cena and Orton. Raw is most watchable when Daniel Bryan, The Shield and The Wyatt Family are on. Cera and Orton have been shoved down our thoats for years so what else is there left to see from them.

  • Philip Thompson

    Orton is, indeed, very much a number two.