TNA Bringing In New Talent, Why Brooke Hogan's TNA Release Wasn't Entirely Budget Related & What Got Her Heat In The Company, Hulk Hogan Being Offered A New TNA Contract

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TNA Bringing in New Talent

TNA Wrestling has shifted their focus on lower priced talent when looking for additions as part of new cost cutting measures. This includes but is not limited to talent from Ring of Honor, talent overseas and former names working on the domestic indies. Expect this to continue as the company feels the product has not been hurt by recent roster cuts.

Why Brooke's TNA Release Wasn't Entirely Budget Related

We are able to confirm that Brooke Hogan's release from TNA Wrestling was twofold. While her release was done as part of budget cuts, there was another reason.

Brooke's public announcement of her high-profile engagement to Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman Phil Costa got her a lot of heat. We'e told she basically "ruined" the legitimacy of the Bully Ray angle. It was this, combined with the fact she was making more than most of the Knockouts on the roster and wasn't even wrestling, that made her expendable.

Hulk Hogan Being Offered a New TNA Contract

In other Hogan news, we're told TNA has approached Hulk Hogan about taking another pay cut. The company is trying to spin it as a contract extension as they are willing to commit to a lengthier deal at a lower rate. The hope is he'll agree to lower pay for a longer commitment.

Sources close to Hogan do not see him agreeing.

  • Karen Keener

    I hope Hogan doesn’t take the deal and he ends up leaving TNA

    • Kleck

      That doesn’t leave much for him to do but come to WWE. I personally, don’t went to see him anymore. He has destroyed his reputation to the point where I’m simply sick of him.

      I spoke to the head of a local wrestling promotion near my hometown and asked him about booking Hogan for a guest appearance. He reached about about a year ago and agent set a price of $200,000 for a appearance and additional $50,000 for autograph session. Wow

      • Karen Keener

        I don’t want him back with WWE in any capacity either. I want him to just ride off into the sunset and live his life outside the ring. Those prices for Hogan are beyond outrageous!!!!

      • Rus

        wow who needs to be on tv at all for that kind of money for a meet and greet

  • LeftyTosser

    I smell a Legends contract that will allow VKM to get him out of TNA and back for an occasional appearance for fans. Sounds like a win win for both companies. TNA gets to be a wrestling company again and WWE gets their token 1990’s star back and make a big splash for a few weeks showing him off. Then it’s off to retirement on small paychecks.

  • Nostaljack

    It’s so odd. Two and a half years ago, we just *knew* Hogan’s signing was genius and he was about to change the game for a third time. Now, we can’t wait for him to go far away. How did he let this happen?

  • Patrick

    Even if Hogan leaves TNA I don’t see TNA improving, they were not doing well before Hogan arrived TNA’s problems are more then just Hogan being in TNA getting rid of him is not going to solve the problem for the company or improve it. Things will just stay the same.

  • Rus

    Ummm lower pay for a longer commitment that is a lose lose situation youd think people would get paid more for a longer commitment