New TNA Champion

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Austin Aries beat Bobby Roode at TNA Destination X to win the TNA Championship.

  • whitethought_

    Total markout moment for me. The first markout-worthy moment for TNA in a long time.

  • Kdls1

    YES! YES! YES!

  • LeftyTosser

    Great move by whoever is in charge at TNA right now. This should set up some very interesting opportunities for feuds over the next several months.

  • Mike

    To see him have the "Austin Starr" gimmick and years later get the strap was cool to watch. After becoming a complete performer on the indie scene and being the man in ROH it was nice to see TNA give a "little guy" the heavyweight strap (their "rebuttal" to CM Punk and Daniel Bryan in WWE). Hopefully they give him a decent run though I'm curious to see where storylines go with the return of James Storm, the rebuilding of Samoa Joe as a singles competitor and what you do with Roode after dropping the strap.

  • stoney

    The greatest man who ever lived is now the greatest world champion who ever lived

  • Mike L

    Calling it now, Austin Aries Vs. James Storm @ Bound for Glory.

  • jdl

    I'm all for Aries holding the belt, but they just killed Storm's return feud. He should have returned into a title feud with Roode and been the one to take the belt from him. Aries is fantastic, but they pretty much neutered the eventual Roode/Storm feud.

    • whitethought_

      They really don't need the title for them to feud. Sure it will raise the stakes but I'm sure they could put on one hell of a feud without the title being up for grabs.

  • Hunter

    What a great match and PPV! I was marking out hard!

  • EDFTW67

    The it facto is over for now but watch out cause bobby rude will try a hit u in the head with a bottles to get his belt back !! But hats off to Austin Aries he gave up his belt for the chances to get another belt and now his size don’t matter cause everybody will be hunting the hunter !!

  • christopher525

    I might just pay attention to Impact this Thursday. Aries is a hell of a talent, and it's about time he was the top guy somewhere "big." I do have a feeling this is just a build toward his heading up north eventually, but it's nice to see him get a shot. I have a feeling we'll see Aries and Joe at BFG, Storm will chase Roode without having the title as the focal point, which isn't exactly a bad thing.

  • HazMatt23

    I dont watch TNA ever but I read that there was a PPV on last night and just their in-show build got me excited for that main event. And the rest of the card was good too. I don’t understand why Destination X is annually the best PPV they TNA puts on and the rest of the year you’re questioning wtf is going on.
    That said, I would have liked to see Roode go over and have Ariea chase the title for a bit longer. Regardless, good for A Double and nice job TNA.

  • Austin

    Darn. Austin Aries is the man but I wanted Rhode to hold on to the title for as long as possible. Oh well, if he had to lose it to someone I’d like it to be Aires.

  • Jeremy

    First off who gives a crap about James Storm. He was a fluke champion who only won because Kurt was injured and won a 90 second match to win the title, then his first real match he loses to Roode. Then he loses in every single rematch against Roode. Why does everybody think that this guy should be the one to take the title. Aries deserved the title a lot more because while Storm was off finding his smile again Aries was kicking the crap out of everybody he was in the ring with.

    • havoc525

      You DO unstand it’s staged, right?

      • Nick

        You mad bro?

  • Tim

    I think Austin winning the title I may be watching TNA once again , that match last night was purely epic damn , Austin aries had come and paid his dues now it’s time to cash in and live the dream

  • Rachell Orton

    Im sooo happy for Austin. He desevers the TNA Championship. Finally someone who deserves ti be te champ. Bobby Rhode was just a jerk. Austin has set a good example for the X Division. I hope when Jesse Sorenson comes back he follows in Aries’ footsteps.