New TNA Heavyweight Champion

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During Impact, MVP threw out every member of the wrestling roster, and the staff out from backstage, just to make sure that there wasn't any interference. The only people in the building were the fans, the ringside cameramen, the announcers, and those in the ring. Oh, and also MVP and Kenny King.

The first main event following Slammiversary, Eric Young defended his title against Bobby Lashley and lost the title when MVP and Kenny King became involved in the match.

  • Vic Jose

    Now that’s going to put some butts in the seats :/

  • Trey

    Good EY was never good enough to be champion. Just a poor mans Daniel Bryan.

    • Whammaster

      The fact that you have 2 thumbs up is a disgrace. You cant even compare the 2, they are both different, yet the same. EY has been a good solider for the company for the past … what 10yrs plus? His run as champion was actually very enjoyable, he put on solid matches night in and night out. I only wished TNA would of let him hold onto it longer and lose it due to injury during a match. Thems’ the breaks though. At least we get Bobby going for the title, and hopefully Double A and Joe.

  • ken

    Just like the addition of MVP, this may have meant something in 2008.