New TNA Tag Team Champions

Jessie Godderz and Robbie E, known collectively as Bro Mans, beat James Storm & Gunner at Bound for Glory to win the TNA Tag Team Championship. The finish saw Robbie E pin Storm to win the belts. The bout was just over 11 1/2 minutes.

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  • BigMike

    these 2 jackasses who cannot work and are not even good for comedy, are Tag Champs? WTF? TNA has really turned to crap

    • Eddie-Boy

      Given how unimpressed you were at the T.N.A. World Tag Team Championship match this past Sunday night at Bound For Glory, Mike, I get the impression that you would rather watch that classic Six Sides of Steel Match between America’s Most Wanted and Triple-X from the Impact Zone days. Now THAT was an awesome tag team match!!!!

  • Chris

    You must not have seen the match. Great tag team match with awesome spots!