New TNA Title Belt Debuting Tonight, Samoa Joe Has Scratched Cornea

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New TNA Title Belt

TNA will unveil a new X Division Championship title belt on this week's Destination X themed episode of Impact Wrestling, according to Dixie Carter on Twitter. The following is from Carter's verified account:

Samoa Joe Promotes Impact Live

Samoa Joe appeared on "Great Day Live" Thursday morning to promote Impact Wrestling in Louisville.  In the segment, he revealed he is currently dealing with a scratched cornea.  You can watch the appearance in the video embedded below:


  • Nostaljack

    So TNA is restructuring deals and firing people left and right in a bid to save money and they decide to spend money they don’t have on a new belt? Huh!?!?! More nice work from TNA. This company will be a memory very shortly.

  • Nostaljack

    Dear Phill. You make no sense. TNA *is* in trouble whether you see it or not. They shouldn’t have gone on the road full-time as they can’t handle it. This is not the first time they’ve restructured deals either; that was happening before they set out on the road. DOC was doing just fine, thank you, and didn’t need to be let go. Tara can somehow still go. Firing Bruce was a dumb move too because he was the only one down there with a clue. Your only reasoning for letting him go is that “things need shaking up”. What does *that* mean? His storylines took no longer to resolve than anything else WWE has put together. Why is it a bad thing that resolution doesn’t arrive in 20 minutes?

    As for “average fans”, TNA likely has very few of those. The “average fan” doesn’t even know TNA exists. *That* is their problem and they’ve done almost nothing to counteract it. Hogan once appeared on “American Idol” – a perfect chance for some promo. Why not wear a TNA shirt? Didn’t think of that, huh? He didn’t either because he wasn’t wearing one and he didn’t say a word about TNA that night either. Pathetic. If a company is going to “cut costs” intelligently, get rid of Hogan. He isn’t doing anything for the company and he’s taking a huge chunk of money out of the coffers. *That* would make sense.

    • D-Bag

      I didn’t know TNA’s accountant checked this site. What other incites can you give us on TNA’s financial earnings/losses?

      The reason Hogan is still around believe it or not is he is still a big draw. If you’ve watched the show since they’ve gone on the road he gets the biggest pops of the night and judging by the audience he’s selling the most t-shirts too. Like it or not Hogan adds a great deal of credibility to TNA and still puts asses in the seats whether he’s wrestling or not.

      • Nostaljack

        Credibility with whom? Who watches? Who goes to the shows? Few even know the company exists. Hogan is in business *for himself*. He isn’t in this for TNA. There are myriad opportunities that he’s had to promote TNA and he hasn’t done much.

        • D-Bag

          Credibility to the “average fan.” Do you think they would be able to sell 3,000 tickets to a show if Hogan wasn’t there? Judging by the amount of those stupid “what?” chants and other chants associated with WWE there are more than a few “average fans” at the shows.

          • Nostaljack

            I would have assumed that Hogan’s presence would have done something for the ratings. It hasn’t. They’re no better than they were before Bischoff and he showed up. 3,000 seats ain’t much in the grand scheme either.