New TNA Title Belt For Jeff Hardy; Defending The Title Next Week On Impact

For those that missed this week's Impact Wrestling, Jeff Hardy dawned a new TNA Championship title belt.

Speaking of Hardy, he'll defend the title against either Kurt Angle, Bully Ray, Ken Anderson or James Storm on next week's show. As the storyline goes, Hulk Hogan will "choose" Hardy's opponent.

  • Dave D

    Disgraceful!!! The last time he was champ, he got a new belt too and look what happened. He screwed TNA over by being the charasmstic crackhead! Bad decision, but what else should I be expecting from Dixie and Hulk!?!

    • Jaycee

      Stone Cold and Edge did the same thing when they were champions. So that now Jeff's done it, it's disrespectful? Come on man, the hate is just oozing.

      • Darkstalker

        I dont remember Edge or Stone Cold to show up to a PPV Main Event intoxicated and unable to perform …

        • Jaycee

          Like I said to Dave D, what does Jeff's past have to do with the belt? You people are dragging something in that has nothing to do with the original story.

      • Dave D

        The hate isn’t so much for the new belt, it’s for the total lack of respect he had for the company the last time and how he has been automatically rewarded this time around.. Why didn’t Roode or Aries get a new belt when their background/history is clean?

        • Jaycee

          Are you reading the same story here? It's talking about a belt, not Jeff's past. One has nothing to do with the other.

          • Dave D

            Yes, a belt he frankly doent deserve, so I guess I should have said that the belt he has now signifies that he is the face of the company, complete with his complexion, so IMO, it is something based, not soley, on his past but he being rewarded again with ultimately a push he just simply doesn’t deserve. See how the two things (the belt and Jeff) go hand in hand with my statement..

          • Jaycee

            If Austin Aries had retained and decided to debut a new belt, you and everyone else would be soaking it up and calling him and TNA geniuses. But because Jeff won it (and you seem to be forgetting that he did go through a tournament to get that spot) and past personal issues (and Victory Road '11), he doesn't deserve it? I'm calling BS on your statement because it's quite obvious people can't separate one thing from the other.

            And dude, you don't have to thumb down my comment every time you reply. That's cheap.

          • Dave D

            Lol @ the thumb down comments! I’m using my iPod and don’t have access to thumb down you, (although I would if I could) Seems I ain’t alone on this one..

            As regards to Aries and a new belt, I wouldn’t be praising them at all.. I’m just saying Jeff didn’t do anything to merit the new belt aside from win a pte-determined tournament!! All that aside, I heard he put in a good effort in the match with Aries, but still bad judgement call from TNA either way. Quit ur Hardy markin’ dude!

  • Enforcer

    Kinda looks like a women’s championship belt just like the last one except at least the purple strap is gone.

    • Synyster

      I haven’t gotten to see the new title yet are there pictures online yet?

      • Hitman310

        looks just like the last one but just in black now

        • Synyster

          I liked the old belt he had the purple strap was the only problem so I hope this one will look better.

      • Andrew Ace

        It’s the same title as last time except there’s no color its just plain silver

        • kbunyon

          No, it isn't at all the same belt. First off, the original was on purple leather. Also, the emblems around the sides are different. But if you go and really look at the two belts, the faces are very different. They're both very much Jeff Hardy's face and artwork, but very different in overall design.

          I went and looked them up as I was wondering the same thing, but they are very different belts.


          • Raven

            The new one is the same as his old white OMEGA belt. Even has the omega character on it.

  • Boothmonkey

    I thought it was kinda bland, reminded me of the ECW "Phoenix" belt, funny how he was seen with the old belt before commercial then the new one!

    • _JIM_

      If you didn’t notice he carried the old one to the ring but sat it down while he was in the aisle and then lifted up his shirt and took off the custom one that he had around his waiste but hidden under his shirt.

  • lss

    yay, the divas title of tna…

  • _JIM_

    Isn’t it the same belt just with a different colored strap? This is probably something that Hardy paid for on his own that he breaks out when he’s the champion. I hope TNA wouldn’t waste the money especially after they had just made the belt Aries carried for when Bobby Roode was crowned champion. I really like that belt. The silver and gold looks really cool. Definitely A LOT better than the “spinner belt” the WWE Champion is made to carry. It doesn’t even spin anymore. So what’s the point. The TNA championship belt is right up there with the “big gold belt” that Ric Flair made famous in the NWA/WCW that is now the World Heavyweight Championship belt in WWE. It’s just classy looking to me. Not overly “blingy” like the WWE Championship IMO.

    • kbunyon

      No, it isn't the same belt. There's big similarities, but they are very different belts.

      I thought it might be the same belt changed up, but I went to Google Images and looked at the two and they are very different.


      • _JIM_

        At first glance it looked very similiar to me so I just assumed that they put a new colored leather strap on the one that he was carrying the last time he was champion. I’m still betting it’s something Hardy paid for himself. The more I think about it doesn’t it seem like a slap in the face to TNA? Like he’s saying your championship belt isn’t good enough for me, but it’s just fine for everyone else to carry. I like Hardy but this is kind of an ego trip thing that he doesn’t really need. Just carry the actual championship and be proud of that. Especially since he came from where he did to become champ again.

  • Bishop

    Why does Jeff Hardy get a new belt every time he’s champ? What was wrong with the…errrr…current? This is how many changes to the belt in how many years?

  • Miles

    Whoever made the decision to change the belt, please get a job at wwe so we can get rid of the spinner belt that went out of date half way through 2005

  • Yo homie

    A** ugly TNA belt

  • Robert olley

    I don’t agree with it at all just cause jeff moved the merchandise he gets rewarded with a new belt and title run. How is the man going to learn his lesson if tna rewards him for his past. Each champ should get their own belt I think would make it more unique to each title holder

  • MHJ

    Seriously?! Jeff Hardy is just a wash up! If TNA actually listened to the World Wide Fans and not just the IMPACT Zone they would realise that not everyone loves Hardy.

    Aries is new, fresh and damn more talented (and less likely to break physically) then Jeff… It is just as bad as re-using Flair for matches…

    • Darkstalker

      I agree with you in every point but one: Jeff might just be the best bumper ever (with Mick Foley a close second) and as such is less likely to physically "break" than anybody else in the business. His mental health is a whole other question though and I see him turning for the worse again anytime soon. Though I do not wish him that, don´t get me wrong – but (drug) history has a way of repeating itself over and over and over again …

  • The new belt

    It's still pretty hideous but in my opinion it is a *little* better than the purple one. Actually looks like it's a little bit prestigious.