Backstage News On The New TNA Wrestling Contracts That Ultimately Pay Main Event Talent Less - Specific Details On The Change, Why It Was Made & Who It Benefits

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Remember the contract issues with Bobby Roode that were the talk of Lockdown weekend in March?

While TNA Wrestling continues to try and spin it as an "oversight," the truth is they didn't want to exercise Roode's fifth year company option because they wanted to sign him to a new deal based on a weekly guarantee as opposed to per appearance guarantees.

We reported back in March that TNA was re-structuring all deals to include the weekly guarantee as opposed to per appearance guarantees. Below is an excerpt from our report filed on WNW Premium on March 11, 2013:

There has been a major change in a lot of the new contracts TNA has been offering. The new deals provide weekly guarantees opposed to talent being paid per appearance . The company has slowly worked to renegotiate existing deals with this as well. It’s good for rarely used or undercard talent because they’re still getting paid even if they don’t appear.

However, for workers that are routinely on shows and main event talent, the new structure ultimately puts less money in their pockets.

  • Albert

    So what exactly is the difference between a Pay Per Appearance and weekly guarantees? Is TNA just paying the guys once per taping?

    • If you read the entire report he stated that it’s good for the lower card guys being paid weekly guarantees because they’re able to collect some money even if they’re not being used often or at all. Where as higher up workers who do multiple shows a week and are there all the time, ultimately end up making less money on a weekly guarantee than they would if they got paid per individual appearance they make.