New TNA X Division Champion & TNA Tag Team Champions

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The following title changes took place at TNA Bound for Glory:

  • Rob Van Dam beat Zema Ion to win the TNA X Division Championship.
  • Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez won the TNA Tag Team Championship in a match that involved Christopher Daniels & Kazarian and Kurt Angle & AJ Styles.
  • jdl

    Oh, look, Chavo is holding TNA gold, good for him. It's a shame he followed it up by relying on borderline ancient catch phrases that he's really not good enough to pull off. I had hoped he would have actually stepped out there and been his own character after leaving WWE. Guess I was wrong.

  • ChrisH

    Spoiler alert.

  • Chris

    Spoiler alert.

  • Sweetonion

    Viva la raza and viva the new tag team champions

  • phil

    Rvd should just go back to wwe

  • Enforcer

    Viva la whatever. TNA will be out of business in 15 months at this pace.

    • Sameer

      Give then 15 seconds.

    • Sameer

      15 months is being too kind. Maybe 15 seconds.

  • A fan

    I think regardless of race age or color, as long as you can win the title you should be respected as a champion.

  • Yanman