New Ultimate Warrior Interview posted a new video interview with The Ultimate Warrior. In the video he talks about giving a great speech, the legacy he leaves, why he’s back now and more.

You can watch the video on here at this link.

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  • Gary Robert

    I posted this elsewhere but it makes more sense to post here: My questions to Ask WNW get ignored time and time again (so much for being a premium member for years) so I’ll ask it here since I feel its relevant with the HOF ceremony being tomorrow night. For the sake of conversation: Has anyone watched the newly released Ultimate Warrior DVD? I’ve seen a lot of people post that they’re interested in James Hellwig’s HOF speech b/c it will be psychotic. But, after watching this DVD, I was pretty amazed at how insightful Hellwig was on the business as a whole, the ideas of character progression and long term story arcs. He came across quiet knowledgeable which surprised me as I have seen some of his crazy YouTube videos and things he posts on his own site. Anyone else get a chance to watch this DVD set yet and have any thoughts on it?

    • Tony Scurto

      if your premium why are u asking questions in ask WNW? Y not ask in the mailbag??

      • Gary Robert

        I personally don’t listen to the audio segments so didn’t make sense to ask there.

    • Matt

      HOF is tonight! That’s not an ask WNW question, btw. Like us on FB and interact there for small talk like that. If you are premium you can send Richard emails for his Premium Mailbag that he does a couple times a week.

    • Matt

      ORRR if you wanna talk Warrior, come to the Live Thread for the Hall of Fame ceremony that will open in about 45 minutes. We will talk there! We also have a writer, Joshua Tucker, who has written a lovely review of the New Warrior DVD that’s on our sister site,