New Updates On The Rock & CM Punk

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- The Rock announced on his Twitter that he just finished shooting Fast and Furious 6 in the United Kingdom.

- Speaking of Rock, his tentative Royal Rumble opponent, CM Punk, has eclipsed the 371-day WWE title reign of "Macho Man" Randy Savage. Monday marks day 372 as champion and given the fact WWE mentioned it in their preview, expect it to be brought up on this week's Raw.

  • David

    Next John Cena.

    • Guy Landau

      Which is the final landmark he realistically passable nowadays.

      • Ken

        I wonder if someone could sit down and work out a 'weighted' comparison for all these title reigns? After all the business is a lot different today than it was, say, when Bruno Sammartino was the champ. There are far more TV shows/PPVs today than there were back in Bruno's day, and hence more opportunities for a title change today. From that perspective a 'day' in 2012 is worth a lot more than a 'day' in the Seventies or Eighties.
        Just a thought (and one I'm FAR too lazy to follow any further).

        • David

          I think CM Punk's year reign is as impressive as Bruno Sammartino's 7 year regin. Bruno Sammartino didn't have a Raw or Smackdown. He had no ppv's.