New Video Interviews With Paul Heyman, AJ Lee & Mick Foley

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Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) of theScore Television Network and the Baltimore Sun sent us three separate WWE interviews. Below, you can read highlights from each interview and watch in their entirety:

Paul Heyman:

- Revealing why he decided to return to pro wrestling in an on air capacity after leaving wrestling behind years ago

- CM Punk being a "pet project" and how muh he is willing to contribute to help make him succeed

- His involvement with WWE '13, including writing storylines for the Attitude Era mode

- How ECW and WWE deveoped a partnership in the 90s

- What it takes to be a "Paul Heyman" guy

AJ Lee:

- How excited she is to be in her very first video game, and how this achievement ranks vs making the WWE, winning a championship

- Her assessment of being RAW GM

- Working with CM Punk / Daniel Bryan

- Being compared to Stephanie McMahon and awkward hugs she shares with her

Mick Foley:

- Being in his 16th WWE video game and the "family moment" he remembers most playing games with his kids

- Being in a serious segment with CM Punk and how much he wanted this to happen

- In Foley's opinion where CM Punk ranks among the main event players in WWE history

- A new idea Foley is pitching that would see him put on a comedy show, tagging along with WWE Pay Per View events, like he did with Summerslam this past August

- "A MIZerable Christmas" and more books on the horizon

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    I Love AJ :')

  • Risendevil

    AJ please!…Will you marry me and together we can rule the wrestling bed? My wife says if you say yes she won’t mind. Probly because she thinks you’ll run thw minute you see me but she missed the episode where you kissed Kane so I figure my wife might be in for a shock. Lol