New Video Previews Of WWE ’12 DLC: Randy Savage, Masked Kane, Batista, Mick Foley, More

The official WWE Games YouTube channel has posted in-game footage, entrance videos, and roster profiles of the “Legends Pack,” which will be released on January 31. Now included in the pack are Masked Kane and “Pre-Funk” Brodus Clay. Some video previews are below:

Macho Man” Randy Savage

Mick Foley


Masked Kane

Brodus Clay

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  • Paul

    That’s a stupid chokeslam on that game

  • vivalajady

    waiting for current masked kane

    • Andrew

      theyve made it known the current masked Kane wont be on WWE 12

      • vivalajady

        thats stupid

        • Alejandro

          How?They start work on everything before the game is even released.They were planning their DLC before it was released too.And Kane JUST returned a month ago.There was no way they could put him in this year.

  • Mazin

    I’m tired of them always bringing in masked Kane as a dlc

    • Alejandro

      Masked Kane was a regular unlockable in SvR 11,not DLC…

  • Mohammad Abulawi

    im sorry but i will not be downloading brodus clay because his wwe'12 character is bad, and i think kane is the same thing from svr11. i'll download the rest though

    • Christian

      Well they’re free so you might as well

    • Blazeking

      "im sorry but i will not be downloading brodus clay because his wwe'12 character is bad"

      What's bad about the character? You need to explain more than that. You can change the moves, music, w/e.

  • Alex

    @viva, you’ll be waiting until wwe 13 for current Kane it’s impossible to make him in time for this years Dlc schedule… Also put the Kharma DLC chokeslam on Kane it looks amazing

  • Nishanth

    Wheres Chris Jericho??