New World Heavyweight Champion

Alberto Del Rio defeated The Big Show in a Last Man Standing match to win the World Heavyweight Championship during this week's Smackdown taping in Miami, Florida. The official WWE website is already promoting the victory.

Click here to view this week's Smackdown spoilers.

  • Charles

    What the hell?! Was fully expecting to read Dolph Ziggler. What has ADR done to deserve this? Strange, strange move by creative!

  • Zack

    Well this just completely undermines Sheamus and Big Show. Very strange move by creative, wondering who made this call.

    • Rhyze Reign

      Those 2 ran their course. It looks a bit like Sheamus might have a feud with Orton or Ziggler now.

  • D-Bag


  • joe

    Many people are gonna be angry its not ziggler but at the same time I like it because no one expected it this is how you get creative wwe

    • Pluto

      Agreed. I don’t mind a curve ball like this every so often. For the first time I’m actually interested in what Del Rio is doing. Job well done WWE creative

  • Really, wtf. i wasnt going to read the spoilers this week because The Rock was going to be on smackdown and i avoid the wwe website but this site again spoils a title change. Please even if the wwe is spoiling it dont do it to a loyal reader of this site.

    • Luke

      calm down dude its a freaking wrestling match not life or death

    • BrooksOglesby

      I preferred when WWE didn’t spoil their taped title changes. That way, we could run a “Big Smackdown Spoiler” post and people would have a choice as to whether they wanted to wait or not. Unfortunately, that’s not how WWE operates anymore, and would rather stick it to the “dirtsheets” and run the stories so they get some traffic. It’s out-of-touch on their part, and I agree that their focus should be accommodating the viewers.

      That said, It’s on the front page of WWE is tweeting about it. Del Rio himself is tweeting about it. Whenever it’s not openly and actively spoiled by WWE, we’ll definitely make sure that spoiler alerts are used. However, with the way that WWE is doing things, it’s not a spoiler anymore, it’s just news.

      • But it IS a spoiler for those of us who avoid WWE’s website (and others) for just that reason…because they’ve begun spoiling their own product. All we’re asking is to please label these as “major spoiler alert for (name of show here)” and allow us the choice of clicking or not.

    • Matt S.

      I agree. I saw this article pop up on the WWE and Joey Styles twitter, followed by Joey saying its “so news sites don’t spoil it”. News sites always used to give us the option by writing SPOILERS, which FYI you should have done here, but WWE just emblazoned it all over twitter. And calling WWE childish is fine, but taking the assumption everyone of the readers of WNW use twitter or even bother with (I only go on for the occasional lists they run) is pretty short sighted. The SPOILER tag should be stuck with.

  • The Breaker

    I’m taking this as a sign that Ziggler will be cashing in his MITB contract very soon.



  • Chris

    So, Ummm, is Big Show hurt and needing time off?

  • Pluto

    I didn’t see this coming at all, don’t think nobody did. But I do find it funny that people are complaining about it though especially because these are usually the sam people who complain about things being too predictable. I’m a fan of random out of the blue title changes like this every so often because is was totally not expected. A face Rio with the title wasn’t expected, this has that whole attitude era vibe too it with how random this whole thing was. And a fresh feud will more then likely be born out of this (Del Rio/Ziggler)

  • H.M.

    I don’t really care if WWE is promoting it or not. This is really beginning to irk me. I like to keep my SD a surprise thanks. Something like this deserves to be enjoyed in the moment. Whether they do or not, WNW really ought to put in the ‘spoiler’ tag and realize that a LOT of your audience doesn’t check up on WWE’s website on a daily basis, if at all.

    • Pluto

      If you want SD too be a suprise then don’t come on a wrestling site that’s main job is too bring you backstage news, storylines & spoilers.

      • H.M.

        It’s been the case that I’d watch my Wrestling shows and check out the backstage news on this site – not premium, just the regular – without being hindered by any spoilers. So both can be done without any sort of hindrance. And last I checked, when ‘spoilers’ are usually put forth on this website they usually come with the ‘*Spoilers*’ tag.meaning that I can avoid them for my own convenience. That wasn’t the case here as we’ve been directly told that the WHC has changed hands on the fly.

  • i said this on wwe’s fb page, they made a massive PR mistake, if they really wish to act childish and try beat you folk in reporting news, then for god sake let us watch the content live, becuase otherwise i dont see the point in having a show days afterwards and have them report the big breaking news as its going live

  • Kevin P

    ADR= transitional champ

  • BobCobb

    Thanks for Spoiling smack down for me. You guys do crap like this all the time and always get people bitching to you about it. Why is it so hard just to put spoiler in the title?? Smarten up your turning a lot of people off

  • Chris Corkhill

    Ok I understand WWE spoiling content for a show like main event but for a WHC title change on smack down is a joke and although this wasn’t predictable the fact that we all know that this is so Ziggler cashes in on a face instead of a heel we can assume that we are in for a nice new game of title roulette

  • is this to get Del Rio over more?

  • Jim

    Kurt angle won the title on smackdown and that was spoiled by wwe before it aired, you lot ain’t happy unless your moaning,

  • Cody Zeller

    It’s funny how everyone complains about SD being spoiled when no one watches that show anyway, it’s on Friday night. Oh and to those wondering who made the call for Al to win, his name is Vince.

  • Kenneth

    A little off-topic. Does anyone know if/how I can get this new Disqus thing to show the earliest comments first? I don’t think there is a way but It doesn’t hurt to ask, right?

    First world problems, I know, but it’s annoying. For me anyway. By no means do I expect the site to change anything.

  • Chris Corkhill

    Ok so this is the 2nd time that WWE have spoiled their own title change. So people will just stop watching taped shows because if anything big happens WWE post it for everybody to see. I watch smack down every week anyway but will find it irrelevant if they keep doing this they should announce that something has happened but not say what so people will be curious

  • 1molly23

    Who cares – it’s DelRio. Title or no title, face or heel, makes no difference to me, the man’s got little to no in-ring talent or mic skills, his title reigns mean zip – he’ll lose before anyone knows it, he’s the keeper of a belt til someone else comes along. It’s just WWE’s chance to rile up the Universe.

  • _JIM_

    This really makes no sense to me. Except that maybe they wanted to get the title off of Show so that Ziggler can cash in without making Show look weak by having yet another MITB briefcase cahed in on him. So instead they are going to make ADR look weak. If that’s what they have decided to do it just goes to show what they really think of ADR, and what they think isn’t good. I like ADR. I could live without the rental car gimmick, but all in all I think he’s a great heel. So it confused me when they tried getting him over as a baby face. He’s just one of those guys that is so good at being hated that I just don’t see why creative would ever have him do anything else but be hated.