New World Heavyweight Champion

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Dolph Ziggler cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase to defeat Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship on tonight's edition of WWE Raw.

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Richard Reacts: FINALLY! Dolph Ziggler has been a literal workhouse for the better part of a year. He withstood the dreadful Spirit Squad gimmick and head-scratching booking. Let's just hope WWE didn't do this to blowoff the briefcase and switch the title back Tuesday night at Smackdown. Ziggler has earned a credible reign as World Heavyweight Champion. Here to show the world!

  • Kleck

    Well deserved! The showstopper

    • Razmos

      Ziggler is the show stealer, shawn michaels is the ahow stopper, dude get it right

  • Joey


  • Mark J.

    Hopefully that win shuts up anyone whining about not getting to see it at WM 29. You can’t have that type of surprise take the steam from the other matches. Well done, WWE. Smart business to wait.

    • Chris

      Actually, there was little steam to be found. What would eventually become steam was stagnant water during and after the Del Rio match, this would have stoked the flames and woke the crowd up finally.

  • DJ

    So instead of throwing us curve balls and unpredictable at wrestlemania which people paid good money to see they throw us these curve balls the following night for free Smdh.

    • Chris

      Well, some paid for, some were lucky enough to see it free.

      • DJ

        Yea unfortunately I wasn’t lucky. The web site I used to use shut down so I need to find a new one

    • DevinSteeleWWE

      my goodness dude. you wanted ziggler to cash in his MITB contract and when he does…you complain like a whiny 5 year old brat. SMH.

      • DJ

        Yes I’m complaining because I wasted three hours of my life and seventy bucks to see predictable outcomes. Wrestlemania used to be an event that was full of surprises and curve balls what I saw last night was somethin I see every week on free tv. so I have a right to complain

        • Razmos

          Did you not watch the whole 4 hours of Mania? This will probably tick you off more knowing you paid $70 and only saw 3 of the 4 hours, to tick you off further we only pay £17.95 in the UK which is equal to about $35

      • Xavier

        LOL, post of the year so far

  • BobCobb

    That was awesome. That short segment was more entertaining then all of last nights WM. the crowd was loving it too

  • Mania in the big easy

    WWE was stupid. They wanted to create a new or bigger star coming out of mania and the best way to have done it would have been for ziggler and big e to have won the tag belts then for ziggler to have won the world title last night then start raw with the new power trio, but no they didnt. As richard said lets hope its not a blow off

    • DJ

      Well said

  • Ryan

    I wonder if they had this planned for last night but saw shifting it to tonight as a way to save time…

  • One of the most forced cash ins in a long time. That crowd was racist for booing Alberto and cheering Ziggler. Isn’t that PC logic? Boo the colored guy means you are racist. That’s what the media says…

    • Smart Mark

      What the hell are you going on about

    • Nostaljack

      Why didn’t they boo Kofi or Brodus then? I don’t get this at all.

    • H.M.

      Aren’t you that dude that constantly harps on Punk and Punk fans obsessively? I guess this post shattered what little credibility anyone ever thought you had around here as far as posting opinions go. Sorry friend.

  • Torben

    Of course they couldn’t do this last night. That would make too much sense.

  • -|AZ|-

    YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!

    Now have him successfully defend his title @Xtreme Rulz and start his feud with DBryan… That would be, how the Miz would call it, AAWWWEEESSSSOOOMMMMEEE!!!


    • may be MIZ push again to world tittle…miz is one of biggest star in future

  • JYD

    Congrats to Ziggler. I only hope WWE gives him at least one clean PPV win during his title reign.

  • Im so happy!!! Its about time!!! The new jersey crowd is the best ive ever seen!

  • The chanting of fandangos theme and zigglers win was the best part!

  • H.M.

    I really really hope that this title reign doesn’t end up like Christian’s 1st title reign; a wonderful win only to be cut short the following Smackdown. Yeah, Ziggler has technically held the WHC but that was only for about 2 hours and I doubt anyone really considers that to be a title reign under any merit. I sure don’t. Let’s hope that this first REAL run actually lasts and has Ziggler looking strong and bringing the spice that the Smackdown roster needs. I *like* Sheamus but he’s been a drag for whatever reason. SD! has been more or less a chore to watch with the spice of guys like Edge, Jericho, etc gone. Best bet would be to turn Ziggs face and Orton heel IMO. Most fans are actually behind Ziggler almost anywhere he goes.

  • The GameBreaker

    About damn time.