New World Heavyweight Champion

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Big Show beat Mark Henry to win the World Heavyweight Championship at tonight's WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs pay-per-view from the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore, Maryland.  Show got the win after attacking Henry with chairs and delivering the WMD.

Once Henry "recovered" from Show's finisher, he took Big Show out in a post match beat down.

This led to Daniel Bryan coming out, cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase and pinning Big Show to win the World Heavyweight Championship in less than 10 seconds.

WWE has uploaded video in which you can view embedded below:

Richard Reacts: I didn't like how Big Show ended Mark Henry's run.  The match was terrible and completely lacked any type of crowd reaction.  The only way I can give it a pass is if Henry is legitimately injured.  As for Daniel Bryan "cashing in" and winning the belt, I think it's awesome.  Bryan is the best in-ring worker in the company, however, I have legitimate concerns about what type of title reign he's going to be given.  Can he make it until Wrestlemania XXVIII?  There's nothing I've seen that would indicate he will based on how he has been booked in WWE so far.

  • Alejandro

    Man,so that means the world champs in WWE are CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.It’s like an indy fan’s dream,and I’m loving it.Really happy for D-Bryan for the win.

  • Darkk_tintt

    Im glad D-Bryan is getting some attention but who actually thinks WWE is gonna use him as the champ right? Not me!

  • t0m

    Ya d boy world champ I’m so proud

  • t0m

    I think brians championship run will last as long as Rey’s wwe champ reign

    • XKonn247

      Well that prediction is already wrong by a good few hours.

  • D.Nyte

    Time for the Nyte Cap with D.Nyte:

    Tonights booking was absolutely laughable especially with the WHC.

    WWE completely ruined long term potential by strapping Bryan so soon.

    Remember, the IWC smarks make up about 5% of the total viewing audience which is dominated by kids ages 9-16 that are clearly not sold on Bryan yet.

    Just because the E caved and gave you smarks what you want, does not mean its what’s right for business. Has Bryan even moved shirts yet?

    Realistically, he is better suited as a natural underdog to be perpetually on the hunt, not the hunted, always coming up just a little short or getting screwed. Everyone gets behind the underdog. Case in point, Rocky 1..he didn’t win but everyone who payed to see the movie got behind him because he came up just a little short.

    Bryan is this generations properly polished 123 Kid and could sell if Creative wouldn’t rush to the end and stick to the build and the climax.

    Sorry, but it wasn’t right for business in terms of character progression and its gonna leave Bryan buried in six months and gone in 2 years.

    There was no Cinderella story type build that got the majority behind him, it was just a, “Here’s your pass kid,” kind of moment that made smarks pop and the bulk of uneducated E fans scratch their heads.

    Hopefully creative can prove me wrong, but I have a sneaking suspicion this moment will be a chapter in his autobiography titled: Where Everything Went Wrong Up In Connecticut.

    ‘Northeast Nightmare’
    Damian Nyte

  • Malik

    Daniel Bryan will now have to face Big Show

  • Pasquale

    What a disgrace to wrestling! How can let a guy like Daniel Bryan be World Champion? U can see why WWE is a flop!

    • Jeremy

      Yes, how can they put the WHC on a guy who is actually the best wrestler in the company? How dare they put a WRESTLER as one of their top champions.

  • steven

    they are going to turn daniel bryan heel

    • keagan

      It looks like that is what there doing. But how are they going to accomplish that? danial bryan is to loveable too boo

      • Darkk_tintt

        His character isn’t even over enough as it is…(in my opinion)

    • vmagic

      And you base this on what exactly?

  • keagan

    YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!

  • jdl

    ANd he'll drop the belt by the Rumble. It's times like this that I really hate the WWE's booking style. I love Danielson, he's the best pure wrestler they have on the roster, but he just came off a losing feud to Rhodes and Henry. He's not over enough to carry the belt, they should have built him up properly, so now he's going to get a typical three week underdog transitional run with the belt. Which pisses me off to no end.

  • Darren

    What a horrible match. After Mark Henry dominated for months they made him go out like a Sucka. Daniel Bryant reign will be like Del Rio run short and uneventful. I doubt he would hang on the title to wrestlemania. Henry should have the title and defend it at wrestlemania against the undertaker. Let the deadman win the title retire and have a tournament to see who is the next champ. Who knows maybe a new star will arise out of it.

    • XKonn247

      Who’s Daniel Bryant?

  • Me.

    I'll be surprised if Bryan still has the belt on January 1.

  • Ruck

    I’m afraid Bryan is going to be a transitional champion. He’ll probably lose the title next month, if not sooner. I’m not implying that I want this to happen but given how WWE made Bryan look over the pass couple of weeks, losing in a clean fashion to both Alberto Del Rio and Cody Rhodes. I hope they give him a decent run!

  • Jameson

    Its time for Christians…ONE MORE MATCH!

  • old skewl fan

    IDK win the Miz first won his first championship, I did not think he would make it to WM , I thought he would suffer the Swagger effect, be he didn't and he retained too at WM, that's when I really started paying attention to MIZ, hopefully Bryan gets that path.

  • Tom

    I actually think this a good time to give the belt to Bryan if it's handled correctly. Give Show a rematch on Smackdown. Have Henry attack him prematch again giving Bryan one dirty win. Have Rhodes, Barrett or Christian win a #1 contenders battle royal and give Bryan one clean win at Royal Rumble before you can safely take the belt off him in the elimination chamber without hurting his character.

    Of course we can all dream that both Bryan and Punk retain until Wrestlemania to face the Rumble winner Chris Jericho in a triple threat title unification match.

    • Jeremy

      Hmm a title unification match at next year's Mania will not be fair to the prestige of the title as the main focus is on Rock vs Cena. But yea with that said, i do love the idea of having Bryan, Punk and Jericho in a triple threat match or maybe even Bryan vs Punk can be awesome enough.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    That's right Bryan shove the World title in Cole's Face. That has been the only time Cole has been speechless this year.

    I'm Glad Bryan is World Heaveyweigtht Champion

    • Logan_Walker

      And after that ppv on Raw … cant remember when i think it was the Capitol Punishment ppv

  • I agree with Richard that Bryan's booking has been inconsistent. I hate how WWE does not properly push guys anymore. I fear Bryan may have a similar reign like Swagger and end up losing the belt to Orton. Someone before made the comment that they would be surprised if Daniel still has the belt by January 1. Well with the current booking of his character that is a legitimate question. I hope they give him a good run a champion and can we please let him talk more on the mic?!

  • Alex

    If Henry really was injured then I wish they would've had him beat Big Show and then let Bryan cash it in on Henry. Mark Henry's run had been so strong that it would've been a huge deal for whoever beat him. To waste it on Big Show who is already an establish star just seems sad. Don't get me wrong though, I'm just glad Daniel Bryan won. I hope they don't make him a transitional champ though I get the feeling will probably will be.

  • Ralphus

    Okay, they voided a previous money in the bank cash in because Henry was unconscious…..but went contrary to that ruling tonight!!! How about some consistency, creative staff???

    • BrooksOglesby

      This seems to be a big misconception. It wasn't that Henry was unconscious, plenty of targeted champions had been laid out. Henry was not cleared to compete by doctors (in kayfabe), and therefore was not allowed to compete in a title match.


  • jay2681

    @Richard believe it or not i was here tonight. when big show won the match the crowd was really behind it. so was i because i feel he deserved it. Im not gonna lie tho they were really behind bryan danielson winnning it more tho. off camera big show was still in the ring just looking at him with a i can respect that smirk.

  • Matt Scott

    "The only matches confirmed for WrestleMania are Rock vs Cena and DANIEL BRYAN VS THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION" Richard, I don't wanna be disresectful but I'm pretty sure you're the only one who believed that. All this time we have been saying it's BS but you were adamant he'd cash in at Mania.

  • Draco

    Did anyone noticed that Big Show was not on his feet when the match started?

    • Theguy12

      I was just thinking about that when I watched the clip… I bet Big Show will complain and get the belt back.

  • HPK

    Big Show should have gotten the WHC and kept it for atleast till next PPV IMO !!!

  • HPK

    atleast BS was allowed to capture a World Title win…after like , 5 years ( 2006 – He won the ECW WHC , then left WWE ) !!! He is , on record , a 6 time World Champion !!!

  • Jeremy

    No one cares about the Big Show, people DO care about Daniel Bryan.