New WWE '13 Developer Interview - New Attitude Era Mode & Spectacular Moments, "Yes" & "Cena Sucks" Chants, More

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Smacktalks recently conducted an interview with WWE '13 senior game designer Bryan Williams. The interview covered the new Attitude Era mode, crowd chants, arena size, "Spectacular Moments," and more. The videos are embedded below:

  • Ryder

    Awesome I like how you can make the arena smaller I cant wait to make an ROH arena 😀

  • WyFo

    They had to blur Austin’s middle finger’s? Wow, they didn’t have to do that in any past games!

    • jdl

      That's more than likely just for the trailer footage.

      • Callum

        The designer stated in the interview that they've blurred the fingers in the game. He says it at 4:45 in part one.

  • Can’t wait for this game to come out I want to play it do bad.

  • Travis

    They blurred his fingers in WWF No Mercy.

  • I cannot wait to get WWE '13. Its going to be awesome. Also I cannot wait to re-create the Attitude Era arenas with the WWF scratch logo, and the Ruthless Aggression Era arenas with the WWE logo. And maybe I will create my own arena as well.