New WWE Divas Champion

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Kaitlyn beat Eve Torres to win the WWE Divas Championship on the 20th Anniversary episode of WWE Raw.

We broke the news of the title change last Thursday here on Premium.

While new rumors have surfaced Eve is finishing up with WWE, we heard the plan was to switch the title on Raw and switch it back fairly quickly.

  • Alex P

    Definitely the best divas match on RAW in quite some time. As far as divas matches go, a lot of near falls and Kaitlyn’s spear at the end definitely took me by surprise.

    • Agree. They worked hard with what they were given.

  • Kleck

    Well the title was on the most athletic diva in the locker room. It was nice to see a diva who can actually wrestle rather well.

  • Hazmatt23

    So did Eve legit just finish up before our yes?

  • It was a good intense promo by Eve not sure if she is finished or not but could lead to more intense Divas division with the addition of Paige maybe?