New WWE Inbox - Ryback Wants To End The Streak

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The latest episode of WWE Inbox is now online. This week, WWE Superstars answer more questions from fans at this link or embedded below:

  • The Breaker

    So, then, uh, where was Ryback when they made that Fatal Four-Way Match?

  • _JIM_

    Too bad there Ryback. Punk already has that taken care of IMO. Concentrate on getting better and not killing your opponents and you’ll get back into the World title hunt. But the streak is ending at this years Mania, so you aren’t even going to get the chance. At least I hope it ends on Sunday. There would be no better time for it. Nor would there be a person who would benefit from ending it as much as Punk would. It just makes way too much sense for Punk to end it. Which is what makes me nervous. WWE doesn’t always do the right thing. I just hope that Taker is classy enough to do it. Because he sure had a problem with Bret Hart when he was leaving for WCW and wouldn’t do the job for HBK in Montreal. So let’s see if he’s willing to do what’s best for business now that it’s his turn. This is the match of the night IMO just because of that reason.

    • Snap

      Punk ain’t winning shit. He’s going home after Mania to nurse his boo boos

    • KnowsBetterThan_JIM_

      You ignorant shit, classy enough?? Yeah, that’s why hes known for being the MOST respected guy in the industry…His turn? He has done far more than he was ever asked to! He’s owes nothing, he’s done everything and he doesn’t need to do shit. Get your facts straight before you open your ignorant mouth.

      • Snap

        Lol _JIM_ just got owned. Stupid CM Punk fans

    • Jimmy

      Every word in that long and boring paragraph you typed makes me wanna slap you in the face.