New WWE Intercontinental Champion

Wade Barrett defeated The Miz to regain the Intercontinental Champion on tonight's edition of WWE Raw. Click here to view full results for the show as it happens.

  • Jeremy

    No words. Honestly what was the point of the title change at WM in the fist place? Still love that they NY/NJ crowd knows what they want, made the match so much more exciting.

  • DJ

    So this goes to show you how little they think of the secondary titles. Miz winning it last night was pointless if wwe is gonna keep playing musical belts

  • Streamz

    Popped hard for Barrett regaining, as he deserves a push and shouldn’t have lost at Wrestlemania. Although the immediate switch-back doesn’t make sense, unless they build this into a lengthy and meaningful feud where they trade the title back and forth, which would actually help the prestige of the IC title.

  • Yeah. Richard, why did this most “prestigious” title change hands after it did the night before?