New WWE Intercontinental Champion (Raw Spoiler)

Wade Barrett beat Kofi Kingston to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship at Saturday night’s WWE Raw taping in Washington, D.C.

WWE is already advertising a new Intercontinental Champion. You can read full taping results at this link.

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  • Kyle Gordon

    The title in itself is a spoiler, oh well too late now i guess

  • H.M.

    This is the FIRST article that popped up in my face as I came to view this site. The fact that the heading mentions that there is a NEW intercontinental champion, is in itself a MASSIVE spoiler. Change the heading please.

  • Richard Gray

    Ordinarily we would but this is how WWE is promoting it so I look for them to actually advertise it.

    • Bault16

      Also it’s the Intercontinental title. So not that big a deal.

      • Rayner Chee-bai

        Actually, Intercontinental title is kinda big of a deal. Widen up your view boy.

  • Luke


  • Carter

    Since when do they tape Raw?

    • Mark

      Since Monday happens to fall on New Years Eve. I reckon live attendance would have dropped significantly if they didn't schedule around that.

      • Kevin

        Also since they didn't want to risk a live show having a lot of drunk performers. It's New Year's Eve; you know they'll all start drinking about noon or so.

  • Jman72485

    hope this means Kofi gets a main even push…

    • Kevin

      They're probably ready to team him up with yet another partner to go after the tag titles. It seems like they do that to Kofi every 3 or 4 months or so.

  • Adam


  • Mick

    The wwe app already has Barrett as champion. Spoiled it themselves.

  • BigMike7302

    I cannot stand how they keep depushing Kofi if thats what they are going to do I heard him and Truth might get back together AND I also heard that SHelton Benjamin is coming back now THAT would be one hell of a tag team, But I never really forgave Orton for screwing Kofi out of his first push, when they fueded a couple years ago Orton went to the higher ups and said Kofi was not ready and they depushed him