New WWE Intercontinental Champion

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Big Show beat Cody Rhodes at Wrestlemania XXVIII to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

  • Ken Ocasio

    First a new world heavyweight champion and now a new IC champion. And this one was longer than the first. Sweet merciful lord, wwe! What are you doing?

  • Ken Ocasio

    Wow!! I didn’t see that comin

  • jdl

    This had better be the point where they elevate Cody to the main event, because the Big Show has NOTHING to gain by holding the IC title.

    • Alejandro

      Actually he is now a Triple Crown and Grand Slam champion for winning the IC Title.

  • Dr.Cool

    Glad to see the giant as the intercontinental champion!

  • Anon

    good, i would hate to see anyone break honky tonk man's record ^^

  • sharky1992

    i hope this means cody will become top-card talent now, he has all the skills in the ring and on the mic…and show, well it's just big show really 🙂

    • Logan_Walker

      Hope This is True

  • Kleck

    How is Show going to put it on?

  • Ross

    Wwe want Rhodes and ziggler as world champs by the end of this year, that’s why Cody lost

  • unknown

    looks like we now know who is going to get a post wrestlemania push now