Filming Begins For Two New WWE Projects, Former WCW Names Involved, How Paul Heyman Is A Major Part

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We're told filming is "well underway" for DVDs on Paul Heyman and WCW's Top 50 Moments. What's interesting about the DVD compilations is that WWE sent out a survey to fans about the possibility of the projects when filming began that same day.

The hope within WWE is that the Heyman title will be one of their best selling releases next year. To differentiate the WCW release from past WCW titles released by WWE, the company is reaching out to former WCW talent that hasn't been featured on previous releases.

  • thepowerserge

    WWE Home Video presents: The Absolute BEST of WCW…hosted by the greatest WCW wrestler of ALL TIME…Disco Inferno!

    • Darko

      Haha! Good one 🙂

  • michael

    Maybe there is a chance Sting is involved!