New WWE Rosters, Wellness Policy Credible w/Reigns Failure?, Former Stars Returning

Do you have any idea what the rosters will look like following the 2016 WWE Draft next month? Who headlines each brand?

All of the stuff that I have heard has been preliminary and we must treat it as such. Vince McMahon keeps roster decisions very close to his vest; often not even informing the talent before the moves are announced on live television. Remember when Jim Ross was shockingly moved from Raw to Smackdown several years ago? He didn’t find out until it was announced (although we had reported the move was in the works on WNW Premium). We’re expecting John Cena to headline Raw and Roman Reigns to headline Smackdown but literally anything could happen. I would also expect Shane McMahon on one show and Stephanie McMahon on the other and I know the way it’s set now, Shane is slated to “run” Raw with Stephanie to “run” Smackdown. Regardless of Smackdown’s move live, Vince will always view Raw as superior.

I read this morning here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com that Simon Gotch possibly picked up an injury yesterday. Have you had time to gather an update? If so, what’s the latest?

I spoke with a few people and the latest I have is that Simon Gotch is going to be OK. I believe there was some concern about a concussion but I do not believe that to be the case. If it was anything more than a minor bad bump, we’ll make sure to update on the main listing.

Does the suspension of Roman Reigns for violating the WWE Wellness Policy add merit they will indeed suspend anyone if they test dirty?

I was told WWE officials knew of Roman Reigns’s dirty test and Vince McMahon planned to punish him by having him drop the belt at the pay-per-view via a clean pin and that was going to be it. But apparently the news of the failed test got out and WWE had to announce it publicly. Regardless, I will always have serious concerns about WWE’s Wellness Policy. From the prescription loophole to the lack of top names that have tested positive. Forgive me for sounding so cynical but if you think these are the only people that have had a dirty Wellness test, there’s a bridge in Brooklyn I would like to sell you.

As for Roman, he's being praised by the way he handled it; probably a well-calculated WWE effort and his push isn't going anywhere.

Is it true Vince McMahon wants to bring back talent such as John Morrison and Jeff Hardy?

Yes, we’ve been covering this extensively in the Members content section of WrestlingNewsWorld.com. Vince wants to bring back some names the WWE audience is already familiar with in attempt to bolster the roster depth with the split. Morrison is under contract with Lucha Underground but has drawn interest and Jeff, who is under contract with TNA Wrestling, is also on WWE’s radar. Check out WNW Premium for the very latest on several names.

I read online that Big Show warned Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods against doing The New Day gimmick. Is that true?

Yes, it’s true! The Big Show said at Wizard World Comic Con that he advised Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods against doing The New Day gimmick; only to come back a couple weeks later and admit he was wrong. You can see this tape at this link.

This is why I always say patience must be shown with new gimmicks. What may seem like a flop may not always be. I wonder how many gimmicks they’ve pulled the plug on too early that could have gotten over. However, I also understand the flip side of the argument, with WWE pushing gimmicks too long that never have a chance to get over.

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  • Mike Farris

    So pending at points they were highly featured you dont count them as top names


    booker T
    Dolph Ziggler
    Luke Gallows
    Jeff Hardy
    John Morrison
    Kurt ANgle
    Ken Kennedy
    Randy Orton
    Rey Mysterio
    Rob Van Dam
    William regal

    to me all those are Big name guys

    and the fact that Booker (2 time world champ under the WWE Umbrella), Dolph Ziggler 2 time world Champ), Edge 11 time world champ, Jeff Hardy 3 time world champ, Kurt ANgle (Multiple time world champ), Randy Orton 11 time world champ, Mysterio 3 time world champ, RVD 1 time world champ

    Kennedy, Umaga and Regal were on the verge of having a world title run end with a wellness violation

    so please dont tell me they are selective on big names getting byes.

    the only big name not to be failed yet who has the looks of a failure coming is John Cena

    • Vomkrieg

      Batista never had one, and he was as big as anyone in his prime, so if you are thinkign steroid or HGH, he would be another one.

      I think most of these are for weed, synthetic weed or un-prescribed meds rather than steroids and HGH though.

      • Ben

        Everyone looks for size with roids, but look at Alex Rodriguez and Andy Pettite. Neither would ever be confused for bodybuilders, but they both used them. Then there’s Cena. They showed pictures of Cena from years ago on Jericho’s Network interview with him, and if anything he was just more shredded than he is now- but he was always huge.

      • Mike Farris

        Ummmmmm Regular marijuana is a 25,000 dollar fine

        if Weed was a suspension. Randy orton would have been fired in 2008 as he is a pot smoker.

        • Vomkrieg

          i keep forgetting that real weed isn’t a ban, but fake weed is. Seems kinda odd.

  • obediah

    nice to see you back to doing the ask wnw. Hope you and the family are doing well

    • Thank you!

      • JOE

        any update on undertaker and vince mate ?

        • Last I heard they weren’t speaking but Vince still wants Undertaker vs. Cena at SummerSlam. Unknown how brand extension plays into all this.

          • JOE

            Thanks for the reply Richard so if he wants that for summerslam what would taker be doing at maina

    • Uzoma Iwuagwu

      Yeah, it really great to see Richard Gray doing the Ask WNW again. I miss reading his answers.

      • obediah


  • This Guy

    Always what I look forward to everyday, is the ask WNW, but then it went from a day to day thing, to a once a week, then to a once in a very great while thing. hehehe. But, I enjoy it. Will it be on a regular basis as it use to be?

  • Dave Barton

    Y’know who had “World Title run” written all over him if they hadn’t pulled the plug so damn early? TL Hopper.

    • Terra Ryzing

      Don’t forget Man Mountain Rock or Duke the Dumpster Drose. Both those guys had unlimited potential.

  • Rachel Miller

    What was the reason why WWE Officials viewed the Stardust gimmick more so than the Cody Rhodes character? Was it because Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn found Stardust more entertaining than boring old Rhodes and did Vince’s hostility towards Dusty Rhodes also played a factor?

  • Vomkrieg

    In Big Shows defence, when the New Day gimmick debuted I thought they were being buried. When they first arrived, the gimmick started then stopped, then seemed much like the social outcasts, a silly idea for people they had no ideas about.

    Go rewatch the early New Day stuff, it is not good.

    That Kofi, Big E and Xavier got it to work says WAY more about them than the gimmick itself. And the key has been letting them run with it and have fun with it.

    The New Days success is probably the most surprising gimmick success of the last 5 years for me.

    • Pedro Moreno Pacheco

      just look at damian sandow and his double gimmick. it was garbage but he turned it into pure gold.

  • 1molly23

    Good to see you back with Ask, Richard!