New WWE Show Premieres Next Week, Edgy WWE Footage To Return After Election Day, Ryback/CM Punk Update

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- Material will be taped for WWE's newest show, WWE Main Event, at next week's TV tapings. The show premieres next Wednesday on ION Television. If you missed the initial details on the show, click here.

- The Stamford Advocate has an article online titled "Edgy WWE videos are back -- after Election Day" and mentions WWE's decision to pull edgier footage from its digital platforms only to release an Attitude Era DVD after Election Day. Click here to read it.

- The final shot of Ryback starring at WWE Champion CM Punk to conclude this week's WWE Raw was not shown on the big screen to the live audience.

  • James

    I wonder if edgier TV is coming back after election day and if Linda McMahon loses…again

  • Spike westphal

    So the missed a pontenail importend part of the rise of ryback untill they got home

    • Ken

      If they even saw it at all. Why would they watch Raw again if they'd seen it live?

      • ericdraven86

        I've been to numerous live shows over the years, and whenever it was televised I always watched it when I got home. Going to a live show is an experience, however it is better quality on TV. You see every angle, hear the commentators, etc.

      • Tyler

        Yea agreed I watch it again when I get home?

      • Ken

        Fair enough.

  • OlDad83

    That’s good news. I thought the crowd was dead when ryback appeared because they didn’t care lol

    • The Dude

      Same here lol

  • KVB

    Why release an attitude era DVD for PG audience? That contradicts the whole era period lol

    • bruno

      They dont release it, you complain. Now that they are releasing it, you are still complaining