New WWE Signing, Waltman Reaches Out To Lamar Odom, Photos Of Kaitlyn In Her Hotel Room

- WWE has signed Dylan Mile, a 6'3 285 lbs. man from Colorado, to a developmental contract.

- Sean "X-Pac" Waltman says he's reached out to NBA forward Lamar Odom about his drug addiction in response to a TMZ report where Odom said he didn't need rehab. You can see his Tweets and a report from the guy he was Tweeting at this link.

- Dot com posted a photo gallery of Kaitlyn in her hotel room on her day off. You can check it out at this link.

  • Razmos

    If all these diva’s do on their day off is try different pairs of socks on before laying in a pile of them on the floor……well i think maybe they should get out abit more!!

    Also its hardly a day off when she is working doing a photo shoot, DOH!!