New WWE Signings, Dragon Gate USA Name Works Smackdown Dark Match, Grandpa Lesnar?

Denton Blackwell (Twitter) and Alisha Ceraso have signed developmental contracts with WWE. Blackwell is from Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling and Ceraso is a fitness model. She’ll be working [in WWE] as Dani and can be found on Twitter at this link.

Sami Callihan, who worked tryout matches in March, faced Johnny Curtis in a dark match prior to this week’s Smackdown taping. Callihan is best known for his work in Dragon Gate USA.

Brock Lesnar a grandpa? Well not quite but his wife, Rena Mero, is a grandma as her daughter Mariah (age 24) gave birth to her first child back in September.

  • Ricky

    Didn't Callihan work a dark match before he became huge in DG USA?

  • Ego Trip

    Papa Lesner…………………….awe isn't that so sweet. If someone wanted to cut a great promo on Brock and make it "rea" all they have to do is go after the whole you are married to an old grandma. That makes you a sick person Papa Lesner. It would write itself.

  • _JIM_

    Yikes… How old is Sable? She must have had a child at a young age. Either that or her looks are holding up extremely well.

    • Kanewty

      according to IMDB she turned 45 this past August, so she would have been 21 when her daughter was born(assuming thats accurate on imdb)