New WWE Signings, Dragon Gate USA Name Works Smackdown Dark Match, Grandpa Lesnar?

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- Denton Blackwell (Twitter) and Alisha Ceraso have signed developmental contracts with WWE. Blackwell is from Booker T's Reality of Wrestling and Ceraso is a fitness model. She'll be working [in WWE] as Dani and can be found on Twitter at this link.

- Sami Callihan, who worked tryout matches in March, faced Johnny Curtis in a dark match prior to this week's Smackdown taping. Callihan is best known for his work in Dragon Gate USA.

- Brock Lesnar a grandpa? Well not quite but his wife, Rena Mero, is a grandma as her daughter Mariah (age 24) gave birth to her first child back in September.

  • Ricky

    Didn't Callihan work a dark match before he became huge in DG USA?

  • Ego Trip

    Papa Lesner…………………….awe isn't that so sweet. If someone wanted to cut a great promo on Brock and make it "rea" all they have to do is go after the whole you are married to an old grandma. That makes you a sick person Papa Lesner. It would write itself.

  • _JIM_

    Yikes… How old is Sable? She must have had a child at a young age. Either that or her looks are holding up extremely well.

    • Kanewty

      according to IMDB she turned 45 this past August, so she would have been 21 when her daughter was born(assuming thats accurate on imdb)