New WWE Tag Team Champions

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Jimmy and Jey Uso beat Road Dogg & Billy Gunn to win the WWE Tag Team Championship on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw.

The match went home when Jimmy jumped at Jey for the hot tag, going over the top rope and taking out Road Dogg on the outside. Meanwhile in the ring, Jey hit the Diving splash off the top rope to pin Billy Gunn to go over with the pinfall victory.

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This is the first WWE Tag Team Championship reign of The Usos.

  • Eddie Edwards

    I don’t understand why the NAO were even brought in. The tag team division seems like it’s been coming up to me.

    • opie

      Because they can still work and the fans were into them.

      • Mysterion

        Agree. The NAO were a failed heel turn at it’s finest. The fans popped for Road Doggs segment every time.

    • not even a Barcelona fan

      to get the belts off of the Rhodes and onto the Uso’s without having to turn any of them.

  • stoney

    Long overdue

    I’m hoping its a decent reign

    • Bob’s Diner

      Looks like it will be one day long. That’s great booking there *sarcasm*