New WWE Tag Team Champions

Epico & Primo beat Air Boom at tonight's WWE live event from the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California to win the WWE Tag Team Championship. WWE uploaded the following video of the team celebrating with Rosa Mendes. You can view the video embedded below:

Thanks to Wrestling News World readers Mark, Tylor Gallaher, Kris B, Mohammad Abulawi and Niki for sending this in.

  • sforester

    Well you can't say that there's never title changes at house shows LOL

  • Owen

    So they decided to stop screwing with us and give the belts to The Colons, Version 2.0.

  • Jason

    Looks like the heat on Bourne was hotter than they have been letting on.

  • Great to see a title switch at a house show.

    And do not look at it as punishment on Kofi… Might be different plans for him back in singles.

  • Jim

    I'm sorry, I was only noticing Rosa Mendes on that video….but hey, new tag team champions!

  • 1 2 3 KID

    No big deal considering there really is no tag division in WWE.

  • Wow, not often titles change hands at non-televised events!

  • Mohammad Abulawi

    Thank you for giving me credit Mr. richard but i have a question how come wwe is doing this to kofi kingston i mean he didn't do anything wrong it was all evan

    • kbunyon

      Kofi just seems to not be able to get over with the company. He was close before, until Orton was unhappy with him and Kofi's push was cut off.

      Obviously Kofi just can't seem to hit everything right to get that push that I feel he deserves. While Evan's Wellness strike had nothing to do with Kofi, it's just one more instance of Kofi being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Hopefully the stars will align for Kofi and he'll be able to break out of this lower-mid-card rut he's not been able to climb out of.


      • Shin Blade

        It Happened To Ryder, So I Know Kofi Is Gonna Be Ok…

      • scotts

        im not a big fan of airbourne. even by themselves. they seem like weaker versions of cena's 5 moves of doom put together as a patchwork tag team.

        • Matt Scott

          Sorry, you’re a new wrestling fan? Must be. Only way to explain comparing a shooting star press to a fist drop!

          • Wwe4L76

            Kofi dont deserve a push *boom boom*

  • H.M.

    Sweet. So is the Tag title scene going to get a nice boost again?

    I'm still rooting for a heel British tag team comprising of Regal/Drew/Barrett or any incarnation of them. Perhaps a stable?

    • havoc525

      Wade and Regal would be alright, but I have to wonder if he might slip into a managers role with Danielson, to help get over the heel persona. I still want to see Drew team with Evil Sheamus. The Celtic Connection would be awesome. While we’re at it, bring back Carlito as a 3rd member of this crew, as their singles star.

  • MsMojoRisin

    this is a lesson learned to evan bourne dont throw a main eventer who u smoked spice with under a bus on twitter

    • H.M.

      On Twitter? What do you mean?

      • MsMojoRisin

        after bourne got suspended he went to twitter and talked about how the other “counterpart” that he was with didnt get suspended but he did and all that but later on he deleted but it got to triple h thats why triple h doesnt like him

        • Matt Scott

          I thought he’d just gone to higher ups, as every report states.

  • Trever

    I remember reading an article on where titles hardly changed off tv now they changed wwe must read this site lol

  • Brett

    The important thing is, more Rosa Mendes in HD on our TVs, in tight dresses

    • infamous743

      Amen to that brother I’m sure as hell gonna watch raw and smackdown for her

  • Captain Booger

    Apparently a couple of mid-carders like Primo and Epico needed something to make themselves useful. Lug around a couple title belts to keep them warm till WWE gets a clue with what to do with them. The belts, that is.

  • chelu671

    The WWE Tag Titles have changed hands in house shows about 4 other times since the 90’s.

    -August 10, 1987 The Rougeau Brothers (Raymond and Jacques) def. Hart Foundation (Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart) to take the WWF Tag Team championship. This change (and the eventual “decision reversal”) was only ever mentioned during segments taped specifically for and shown in the Montreal market.

    -A similar incident occurred in 1990 when The Rockers (Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty) def. the Hart Foundation. During the match a problem with the ring ropes meant the match could not air on television as originally planned, so kayfabe President Jack Tunney “reversed the decision” in print media which had reported the change before the decision not to air it was made. The match was not acknowledged on television at the time.

    -September 5, 2007, Paul London and Brian Kendrick defeated Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch to win Cade and Murdoch’s World Tag Team Championship, but went on to lose the titles back to Cade and Murdoch just three days later at another house show on that South African tour.

    -The World Tag Team Championship changed hands again at a house show on December 13, 2008 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, when John Morrison and The Miz defeated CM Punk and Kofi Kingston.

    • Dave C

      It's nice to see some one who has the appreciation and knowledge of the buisness, and here i thought i was the only one who documaneted title changes at house shows

  • Boogers

    Im hoping this leads to maybe a Kofi heal turn. Dude needs to switch things up. Best we've seen of him is awhile back when he was actually being tough and bashing cars in. Maybe have him fued with Bourne, then maybe move him on to Ryder/US Belt

  • Adam

    What ever happened to the tag team division look at the old days legion of doom bishwackers etc frm tht era thn l8r on u had the dudleys hardys edge christian etc now its a load of rubbish although the ussos are brill

  • Christian

    If Air Boom were to be broken up, who’s next in line for the titles?? The Usos seem logical. Hunico and Camacho?? Reks and Hawkins?,?

  • herro

    yay we can see rosa mendes dance some more XD

  • Scottyo614

    Colons vs. Usos yes please

  • Steve

    Sweet! Now we get to see Rosa move that sweet body more often. Ob my.

  • Hunter

    Rosa > WWE tag team division