New WWE Title Belt?, HBK vs. Daniel Bryan, Stephanie's Slammy, No Divas In Saudi Arabia

Do you believe WWE will introduce a new championship Belt at TLC to signify the new Undisputed Champion and retire the old belts?

I still think we need to be careful assuming that Triple H is going to "follow through" with the unification of the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship at TLC. It seems inevitable, especially given the billing for the last two weeks, but there is more than enough evidence to be suspicious of some type of screwy finish. If WWE does indeed unify the titles on Sunday, I could not fathom them scrapping the newly designed WWE title belt. So much went into the belt The Rock debuted earlier this year, not to mention it cost the company more than $50,000.

I know Shawn Michaels said he will honor his retirement, but after the ending to this week's Raw, do you see it possible that he has one more match, teaming with Triple H to take on CM Punk and Daniel Bryan?

I heard that Vince McMahon wants to do Shawn Michaels vs. Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania XXX next year but that Shawn wouldn't commit. WWE continues to tease the bout, with the Sweet Chin Music on this week's episode of Monday Night only furthering speculation. At this point it's completely up to Shawn Michaels whether or not he wrestles again but I can tell you WWE would welcome it.

Since when would any fan want Stephanie McMahon to win a Slammy? Are the Slammys staged?

Stephanie McMahon got my vote for "Insult of the Year!" In my opinion, her slapping Big Show and "degrading" him on live television was a very well done segment. I actually laugh every time I see the tape because of the all the stereotypes that it follows. As for voting, people are always going to accuse it's rigged because it's WWE. I have no evidence to prove it is or that it isn't. However, I can tell you when WWE has done votes in the past (both on their App and on dot com), the results have been legitimate.

Since WWE is touring Saudi Arabia next year, do you think they will bring the Divas?

WWE will not bring the Divas to Saudi Arabia due to their strict observation of the dress code in the Sharia (or law of Islam). The company is committed to global expansion or more specially, expansion in the Middle East. They view Saudi Arabia as a largely untapped market with nearly 30 million people.

From the Ask WNW vault…

December 2012: How legitimate was the voting for the Slammy Awards on Monday night? - WWE used the Slammy Awards as their first big opportunity to promote their new App. From everything I’ve heard it worked great and the goal of widespread downloads was accomplished. I haven’t heard how legitimate the voting was but I can tell you in the past, when WWE has done polls, the voting has been fairly legitimate. The only time in recent memory where I can recall a poll being fixed was the Kane over Daniel Bryan Twitter poll from Raw a few weeks back.

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  • Draven

    If the votes werent rigged a lot of stupid people voted for match of the year there is no way cena and rock deserved to beat taker and punk.

    • My pick was also for Punk vs. Undertaker but again we have to remember WWE’s fan base. And regardless of what we think, Rock vs. Cena is still a mega attraction in the mainstream.

      • Scott Davies

        I still think that was rigged. The Divas one I actually thought AJ Lee was the best all year.

        • TheBigKing1

          It was kids voting. AJ Lee is CLEARLY the Diva of the year…but the kiddie ass WWE Universe always gotta vote for the face….whether they deserve it or not. The Bellas didn’t deserve that win. Period!

      • Draven

        I agree it was a mega attraction the 1st time but the 2nd time was just like a not as good replay imo.

        • David F.

          Bret Hart’s reaction to Rock V Cena winning was priceless. You could tell he thought it was 4/10 match

    • Avalanchian

      Rock vs Cena won because of popularity. Those 2 got the most followers on Twitter among WWE and probably even other celebrities.

    • TheBigKing1

      It was kids obviously. This is nothing new bro. This happens EVERY SINGLE TIME the WWE leaves the voting up to the “WWE Universe”. SMDH! Not too surprising. But at first I was. Obviously, AJ Lee is clearly the Diva of the Year. Ryback should’ve had the most shocking moment. Taker and Punk definitely beat Cena and Rock too. But it’s all good.

      • Tim

        Tbh if wwe picked the winners the rock and cena would have won considering how far wwe is up the rocks candy ass

  • Ricky

    I can see either Daniel Bryan vs. HBK or Daniel Bryan and CM Punk vs. HBK and HHH.

  • Venom

    It’s funny how they’ll end up keeping the wwe title yet to sell this match they’re saying this is a prestigious world title dating back to the 1900s. That Chris jerichos unification was only the wwe and wcw title. But wasn’t the wcw the former nwa title and the current world title just a title awarded to triple h?

    I’m just saying the current wwe title is technically already unified with wcw/nwa title and the current world title only dates back 10 years but they pretend it’s got history dating back to the 1900s.

    • Tim

      I’m sure if both titles are hung up. It’ll end up with orton and cena both at the ladder. Each will pull each other’s belt down.

      • Venom

        That’s fine for TLC I’m talking about the unification in the end. Regardless by wrestlemania we’ll have one title which will end up being that ugly wwe title that was worth my car.

  • jdl

    On the topic of screwy finishes, I still expect that finish to be Triple H walking out with the undisputed championship.

  • Cubed56

    Thanks Richard for answering my question regarding one more possible match for HBK. Do you think it would however be better if HHH and HBK tagged together at WM vs Punk and Bryan? This way we get punk v HHH and Bryan v HBK in an epic tag match, while not taking up two spots on the WM card.

    • JJ

      That’s what I thought too.

    • David

      Would much prefer a solid match one on one between Michaels and D Bry.
      HHH sometimes kills a matches pace, whereas One on one it would be an epic encounter bolstering Daniel Bryan even higher.

  • Mark McGinnis

    I do not know if the voting was rigged or not and there were some stupid winners but its funny how some people think its rigged just because their favorite did not win. I was looking at stuff online last night and everyone says it is rigged. I dont know if it is but I just thought it was a little amusing.

    • Venom

      I don’t think it’s rigged but I do think they stage it knowing who’s going to win. They obviously knew Daniel Bryan would win superstar of the year so they had HBK present it to set up potential storyline.

      It’s the same when they have fans voting for a match stipulation or match gimmick. They know fans will vote for a cage match if it’s an option.

      Remember when they had Taboo Tuesday/Cyber Sunday. The options were never that intriguing to begin with.

      • Michael Kondratiuk

        In regards to Taboo Tuesday/Cyber Sunday, a lot of the matches were just variants – Street Fight or Falls Count Anywhere match. Much like what we see on Raw!

    • TheBigKing1

      I doubt it was rigged. It’s just the kiddie WWE Universe ALWAYS votes for the face, even if the heel deserved the win…kinda like AJ Lee suppose to win the WWE Diva of the year, like WTF! And Ryback should’ve won the Shocking Moment of they Year over Punk.

      But that’s what happens when you leave this voting crap in the hands of stupid kids. SMDH!

      • Venom

        Yeah but we’re complaining the voting was left for the kids which nobody but there parents can control. If there was no voting and wwe making these decisions we would still complain about it. I rather have legit fan voting even if it’s kids voting for faces.

        BTW did ryback win superstar if the year last year or rookie of the year? Regardless it’s amazing what a year later things are for him.

        • CazAnn

          Ryback was Newcomer of The Year or some crap like that. You’re right, he has come a long way in a year.

          As for the “kiddie” voting, I think it’s a little hard to find just one contributing factor to blame for the faces winning. Assuming the voting is legit, WWE has lost a massive fan base recently, which could also contribute to the face competitors winning.
          On top of that, I’m in Australia and could only vote for the online awards. Basically, only some fans could vote for all of the awards, and generally, the app-vote awards were the most popular awards, the ones everybody should be able to vote for.
          On another note, despite all our complaints about WWE’s legitimacy, their current storylines and Vicky’s voice, we all continue to watch it every week, so they can’t be doing things that badly, credit where credit’s due. 😉

          • Venom

            I think most adults don’t vote. I’m an adult watched the shoe from 8-11 had access to iPhone and iPad and I didn’t vote.

  • Bob’s Diner

    Undertaker vs CM Punk was the only match nominated that even deserved the nomination. This is the problem when you are giving yourself awards.

    • David

      Cena vs Daniel Bryan was the best match this year in my opinion.

      • Michael Kondratiuk

        Punk/Lesnar would have gotten my vote.

  • Charles

    How does Punk vs Cena from Monday Night Raw not even get nominated?

  • JJ

    From the build I seen I thought they might do a Triple H and Shawn vs CM Punk and DB at WM! The Saudia Arabia reach out seems similar to TNA’s India reach out..

  • Dave Barton

    Best way to get HBK into a match at WMXXX? Label it an “Unsanctioned Street Fight”…that way, he’s not officially “breaking his retirement” by having a “wrestling match.”

    • David F.

      Plus if DX gets inducted in WWE HOF this year it would be fitting to have HBK and Triple H v Daniel Bryan and CM Punk

    • Venom

      I’m pretty sure if he had undertakers blessing he would jut have an official match. I think that should be a protocol or common courtesy in wrestling. If you and your opponent put on a match of the year (which I believe they won twice in a row) quality match to close wrestlemania in a retirement match where your opponent put his body on the line to make sure your final match ended on a high note u should get their blessing to come back and wrestle.

      I believe Ric Flair had HBKs blessing. Besides he is only coming back to help a former student of his. And probably they will wrestle as I doubt they would waste time doing what they did on raw with the Slammys and the ending if they wernt going to wrestle.

  • Tim

    No way possible Stephanie beat aj. Her voice alone ruins any promo. Wwe is wwe so the likelihood of a rigging is absurdly high.

  • Christen

    It was rigged cause i don’t see how on earth the bella twins can be Diva of the year. The only big thing they ever did was Total Divas. Aj has done WAY more then them she took over the division after Eve left. She got snubbed!

  • GOR

    How come no 1 talks about Punk vs Lesner match ? that does not come second to any other match.

    Cena vs Rock won clearly based on popularity rather than substance. Their 1st match was way better than this 1.

    & I do hope they put-away current WWE title. It looks quite lackluster compared to the big gold belt. so much for 50k $.

  • Jbreed

    I think people are jumping the gun a little after HBK’s Sweet Chin Music on Daniel Bryan. It may or may not happen but to call it a teaser is a little premature. A lot of things were going on in the ring. Triple H and CM Punk went at it. Even Randy Orton knocked down Stephanie McMahon but I don’t think they’re teasing a match between them.

  • Michael Kondratiuk

    “However, I can tell you when WWE has done votes in the past (both on their App and on dot com), the results have been legitimate” – I know of at least one where it was either rigged or miscalculated. Something to do with D-Bry and Kane and which one would face a specific foe .