New WWE Title - When Production Started, Cost, Original Launch Date, Buy Replicas Now, The Rock With It

- WWE has a great article online over on dot com detailing the development of their new WWE title belt. Paul Teutul Sr. and his team over at Orange County Choppers helped place the W. The decision to make a new title belt was made a year and a half ago and more than $50,000 went into the preparation and production of it. According to the article, the creative team struggled with Internet leaks, impractical ideas and a proposed WrestleMania XXVIII unveiling that didn’t come true. You can read the full article at this link.

- WWE is taking full advantage of the buzz surrounding their new title belt and just sent out an email blast to let the Universe know it's on sell. For $449.99 you can buy a replica of the new title belt unveiled on this week's Raw. Click here to shop now.

- The Rock posted a photo on Twitter with the new WWE Championship belt. You can view it below:

  • lll

    Great title. That belt was so ‘two-thousand-and-late’ that an upgrade was long overdue. Take off the bulls on the side after Rock leaves and the belt will be perfect.

    • The version that is sold on the WWE Shop has the WWE logo where the bulls are. I imagine that will be the “final” version.

      • Razmos

        Where the old belt had name plates, this belt has personalised side plates, i think whoever the champion is will have their own logo of some sort there

        • JakShowtime

          That’s exactly what I was thinking too. That’d be a pretty cool feature, actually.

          • JL

            It would be stupid. This belt is the best thing to happen to WWE since Cena’s debut. It doesn’t need a name plate because its a legitimate title not a toy where someone can go “gimme that its mine coz it has my name on”.

          • Razmos

            No one mentioned it having a name plate, learn to read

  • Alex P

    It’s about time! I was actually thinking again recently that it was time to change the belt cause Rock looked awkward with the Cena belt. I actually thought he was gonna unveil a Brahma Bull belt, but this is fine. Time for a new look and this is definitely solid.

  • Andy

    it looks A LOT nicer on The Rock than I saw before. It’s still a long way away from the winged eagle one, though!

    • Wiltshireuk

      I agree, didn’t think much of it when I first saw it but actually it looks good when someone actually has it.

  • Heather

    Someone should let Rock know he’s WWE Champion, not the Heavyweight champion

    • SRP

      Someone should have let you know that the official name is the WWE Heavyweight Championship.

      • EricDraven86

        It was the WWE(F) heavyweight championship until the WWE Undisputed championship came about. Once they split the titles between the shows, “the big gold belt” became the WHC, and the WWE Heavyweight title became the WWE title.

      • Snap

        Not according to, which simply lists the title as the “WWE championship.” It actually hasn’t been called a “World” or “Heavyweight” championship since McMahon bought WCW and did the Invasion angle, which had the two top titles refered to simply as “WWF” and “WCW” championships, until the brief unification which was referred to as either the “Undisputed WWF” or “WWF/E Undisputed” championship.

        The problem, depending on how you look at it or whether you care or not, is when the World Heavyweight championship was separated from the “Undisputed” championship, which is really the bigger prize? One is the “World” championship and the other is the “WWE” championship but despite both being recognized as “world” championships, they’re not of equal status as Daniel Bryan has said in an interview that although he was the World Heavyweight champion, he still hasn’t won the “big” prize in the WWE championship.

        Yeah, the belts are all just props and it can be a case of thinking too much into things, but WWE is really the only major promotion which doesn’t have either “World” or “Heavyweight” as part of the official name of their top championship. It’s probably BECAUSE the other title is the World Heavyweight championship.

  • Tracy

    I like the wwe belt better the new belt sucks!

    • What is it about the belt do you not like?

      • Tracy

        It’s just ugly to me i don’t like the design of it or how it looks.

      • Jimmy

        The shape and logo

        • Jimmy, thank you for providing a specific response. While I like the new belt, I do agree the logo is a bit large. I think that may have been designed that way as to make it very distinguishable in media appearances.

          • Jimmy

            Yea and i guess for it being the “WWE” championship they would need to have the logo on it in some sort of way so i can understand where they are coming from.

        • Snap

          The shape and, in a way, the logo are quite reminiscent of the US championship belt. It certainly isn’t the best belt they have produced but, for my aesthetic preference, it isn’t horrid. Your mileage may vary, of course, but the picture of it on WWE Shop makes it at least look decent.

          There’s a bit too much “bling” much like the spinner belt, where the jewels should have been used to enhance the look rather than BE the look. If you look at the new belt and the spinner side by side, the “bling” has certainly been toned down but the “Undisputed” belt shows how less is definitely more.

  • Hazmatt23

    My question is, do the bulls on the side change out with whoever the champion is or will that be the Rocks belt for the next 8 years like everyone else carried Cenas belt for that time?

    • I don’t see a name plate, so maybe it changes?

      • Gary Robert

        It has the WWE logo on the sides most likely, as per the replica in the WWE shop.

  • Jimmy

    They should let The Rock come out with his new belt and let Cena come out with his spinner belt at Wrestlemania.

  • Tim

    When I first saw the belt, I did not like it. However after seeing hi res pictures, and seeing that the center of the side plates will be interchangeable, I actually like the belt now.

  • Asher

    I wish they would of let CM Punk introduce the new belt when he was Champion, that way it would of made his 434 day title reign mean more.

  • voiceofthevoices

    The belt cena and punk had had a plate on bottom front that changed with the champion. this new belt has plates on the sides that will change with the champion. there was a story with who else had plates made,but i cant find it. so,anyone know who else had plates made?